On “Mine” from Aros E-V the Minnesota-raised sound artist Ryan Evans uses tape loops, field recordings, and digital processing to create slow sound pieces that underline the passing of time.

“Mine” was inspired by a visit to Northern Wales where Evans recorded tape loops from the top of Yr Wyddfa and deep within the Llechwedd Mine. On “Mine” taken from Llechwedd Mine, we find Aros E-V sampling an ancient shanty before digging deep into some subterranean tones. “Mine” features some deep, rhythmic samples that sound like they are rising from the center of the earth. Along the top of the composition is a melodic line that rides the fader between in-the-red noise and melodic, ambient patterns. This fine line is a thrilling place for this album to live. We hear similar work by artists like Fennesz and Tim Hecker or Nicole Oberele. An approach to ambient music that doesn’t immediately make it edgeless easy-listening or treating movements of modular blocks of sound. Rather playing around with grit and noise. A sense that a tiny movement of an oscillator could send this track careening into HNW world. By floating atop the processed field recordings, Aros E-V turns “Mine” into a three-dimensional world. A recognition that in the substrate are the stories and the lives of people who spent most of their day down below the earth, and thanks to capitalism, saw only a small portion of the wealth they generated.

From Ryan Evans, “Extant Ranges is a slow meditation on landscapes and lifeways. Last year, I visited my ancestral homeland for the first time – the mountains of Northern Wales. While there, I gathered field recordings from Yr Wyddfa, which peaks at 3,500 feet, and from Llechwedd Mine, which sits 500 feet underground. Inspired by these field recordings, Extant Ranges features two tracks – Mountain and Mine. Together, they tell a sonic tale of the Welsh mountainscape – from above, and from below.”
We are excited to hear new work from Aros E-V. “Mine” is paired with its counterpoint “Mountain” off of Extant Ranges on Canigou Records

RIYL: Nicole Oberle

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