As Covid 19 has largely made in person collaborations difficult or near impossible, artists like the La Herradura Spain based artist Antonio Garcia have pivoted towards remote means of collaboration. “Still Nobody Nowhere” according to Garcia is “not a single” but “rather part of my personal project # artpostcard2020. A collaborative project created on Instagram, where artists from different countries will create works from my single. Thus creating a network of creative minds and a richer world around the song.”. Projects like this challenge the perception that a project is really ever “done” and thus moves singles and albums out of the cloistered world of closed art pieces and rather mutable and forever changing expressions.  Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo and especially the song “Wolves” is a poignant landmark of this concept. Antonio Garcia’s “Still Nobody Nowhere” is a part of this lineage. 

Musically, Garcia creates a stunning neo-classical track that is remiscent of artists like Daniel Bjanarason, Nico Muhly, Olafur Arnalds and much of that Bedroom Communities crew in Iceland that made commercially appealing yet deeply experimental work. Deep piano melodies and highly sculpted bell-like percussion undergird sweeping strings that appear in faint bird songs or create the lunar pull of a low end that weaves in and out like the surf on shore. The track crescendos and eddies down as these pieces coalesce and then drift apart into their various components. Knowing that this track is designed for collaboration makes me excited to hear what happens to this track as it passes through many hands. I am looking forward to seeing this project in its evolved (but not completed) form. 

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