The story behind “Release the Pulse” is all too familiar. A ramshackle warehouse is occupied by artists to live out their well-executed anarchy. They put on shows, do their own repairs, provide studio space and build a community. This often gives the area some kind of bohemian cultural cache after years of disinvestment. On the rising wave of gentrification, the original tenants are kicked out to make way for some kind of modular condo unit or high end street food restaurant that make great use of the “exposed brick”.  San Francisco, Denver, Cincinnati…The song remains the same. For American Watercolor Movement, 111 First Street Jersey City, New Jersey, was this place. On “Release the Pulse” they exorcise the ghost of this torn down space through rousing shout-along choruses, mathy looped guitar passages and an unbridled whelp that is equal parts rage and resigned disappointment at the mechanized forces designed to destroy, absorb and commodify all free expression and alternatives to the crushing boot of capitalism. 

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