On “Lucid Scent” the Hamburg, Germany based artist Alith Berndarn layers hypnotic chopped vocals and heavy reverbed melodies to create a propulsive and deeply rhythmic composition. Meditating on the laser-focused drive for more and more consumption, “Lucid Scent’s” hyper BPM and percussive patterns ponder if we’ve taken it to far – if this crave for more and more stimulation, success and pleasure has taken away some of our ability to be still with ourselves. 

Berndarn’s excellent layering of chopped vocals and deeply cavernous reproductions with a heroic amount of reverb turn these sounds into abstract bits of data or heavy noise floors that produce a pleasingly disorienting effect on the listener. Fans of Joy Orbison, Boddika, Motsa, Lil Silva, Pearson Sound will recognize the sonic playground that Alith Berndarn is operating in. “Lucid Scent” should give us olfactory memories of nights out when the drive to experience life was a thrilling hunt. 

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