Emerging from L.A’s all ages circuit with much deserved critical praise, Abe Vigoda are poised to take over 2009; take that post-high school malaise! While barely in their twenties Abe Vigoda has toured with legendary noise makers XBXRX, No Age and most recently M.I.A beat maestro Diplo. Coming off 2008’s noise/caribbean/shoegaze/angular art pop punk masterpiece Skeleton that Vampire Weekend wished they madethe gentlemen from Chino tone down their frentic energy for the 5 song EP Reviver. As Abe Vigoda step out from the the whirlwind of destruction a.ka. Skeleton they emerge with a tighter bass section that actually drives the songs and a new focus on vocals (I had to check if they have a new singer, is that Jamie Stewart?) The result is a more groove heavy dynamic that still keep shoegaze guitar noise freak outs in check and post-everything thrown in a blender. I am waiting with baited breath for the Abe Vigoda full length that is going to destroy 2009.

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