A Straw Assembly is a 10-piece ensemble from Australia that manages to show incredible restraint on “Kintsukuroi Crumble” while still swelling into soaring heights throughout the track’s 4 1/2 minute run time. While putting A Straw Assembly’s horn section to good use, Sean Martin-Buss’s saxophone is a remaining constant throughout the composition, buoying up M. Lane and Joey M. Bishop’s interplay between guitar, voice and drums.  “”Kintsukuroi Crumble”” is off the album A Little More Life released earlier this year is a take on  Hanya Yanagihara’s novel “A Little Life”. A sprawling and often-times downcast approach, A Straw Assembly blends folk, neo-classical and jazz together in an effortless mélange of sounds and sonic world-building. 

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