"Wine into Water" is a seamless transition from analog imagery into fractal digital pixelation under the heavy-lidded spell of Jennifer William's delicate song craft, silken guitar lines and refractions into noise-laden interludes. The transformation from liquid to crystallization takes eons to occur, on "Water into Wine" we are lulled into this full change with images of inky liquid superimposed into spidery tendrils until, through the course of the song and almost invisibly, those images harden into full digital crystallization, pulling itself apart as Gossimer's lithe fingers compose the transubstantiation. Gossimer's tape Close the Circle, Lay the Stone are full of these moments. Shapeshifting compositions that twist and turn into spirals and shifting crystal staircases. It is out now on braeyden jae's Heavy Mess label. 

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Highlighting Jacob Koestler's penchant for eking the beauty out of post-industrial rustbelt cities by showcasing our collapsed industry's ubiquitous infrastructure as novel and sadbeautiful against the lithe movement of the human form in high definition, "Spacer" embodies the human warmth he brings to cold dead places - underpasses, train yards, sofas along the side of a rural highway. A visual artist and musician living in Cleveland, OH, Koestler's Rural Carrier project keeps the human heartbeat and cold technology in tension with one another. Koestler utilizes plenty of dubby percussion, harsh tones and start-stop arpeggios that provide a hypnotic, dread-inducing backdrop in which dancer Maria Custer slow-motion vogues to. It is chilling in its effect. A mournful elegy - dancing atop the remains of a post-war future. Make America great again.

Jacob Koestler is a co-founder of the Johnstown, PA arts collective My Idea of Fun.

Spacer by Rural Carrier from Jacob Koestler on Vimeo.

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"All aboard!?" El Tryptophan's absurdly deep meditations head sidelong on the rails of a single riff churned ad nauseam into a swirling pastiche of crystalline-clear guitar wisps, layers of synths, a clanging motorik percussive motion and epic guitar freak-outs/melt downs/rave-ups. The result is something that hits somewhere in the pan-mysticism of Popol Vuh and the High Desert inflected Andean psych of Follakzoid. El Tryptophan is a project of NYC-based Gryphon Rue and enlisted the assistance of Dean Wareham, Will Epstein and others to toil away at this towering monolith of sound. Brilliant. 

El Tryptophan - Insect Express from El Tryptophan on Vimeo.

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Combing through all the tapes I received this year and I stumbled upon this one that has been a pebble in my shoe since I received it. Sonically and experientially - it is a weird tape as you will see soon enough. Basement black-mass ritual gothic post-punk located in a universe where a 2008 experimental-pop song could soundtrack some student-made snuff film. Consumer-grade Casio effects complete the circle of getting super-hyped on handmade special fx that don't fool anyone but are celebrated because of what they signify. Stood Up has a homespun type of amicable charm to it although that seems incidental. This could be the missive from a very insular scene in Norfolk, VA or an intensely personal bedroom project. The eclecticism and electrical tape that holds the thing together suggests the first. The video for the titular "Stood Up" is a perfectly terrifying look into the degrading and dehumanizing world of fraternity hazing...the same sort of ritualized terror the same defense contractor bros would perpetrate in black site prisons across the Middle East (and Chicago). Another circle closes in an even more singular and sinister culture under a much more socially acceptable veneer. Got your back, bro.

WandCarver Bandcamp

Also included the video for "My Trick Bike" because the song is killer with one hell of a bass line hook.

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16mm films of foliage bathed under an eerie purplish-green chemical bath is a perfect foil for The Oscillations' Demian Castellanos outwards-bound pushing guitar work. Overtop a sturdy Kraut groove, Castellanos takes kamikaze guitar dives into the heart of the sun only to emerge through the otherside on another plane...one slightly more purified and stranger than this one. We are thrilled to premiere their first video from their new album Beyond the Mirror (Rare and Unreleased Tracks) out on All Time Low which is a killer look back through their (almost) 10 year history as a band. Both the Oscillation and Demian Castellanos's solo records warrant obsessive amounts of listens. Dig below.

Pre-Order Beyond the Mirror Here.

THE OSCILLATION 'Kissing The Sun' from JULIAN HAND on Vimeo.

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It's been awhile since I've done one of these, but this fully orchestrated and gorgeously paced ballad by Swedish songwriter Muxica77 had me all sorts of wistful for days of TTTWM past when Scandinavia seemed to be sending us their best and brightest on the daily. Highly choreographed winter conjuring from some Swedish witch miming kabuki vamping had my eyes glued to the screen. "Algestern Varwe" moves from black hole noise terror to sparse, slide-guitar led ballad, to ramping up to psych-lite excess. Alt-Country btw of Calexico filtered through Sweden's eternal winter rather than Tucson's scorched wasteland. A nice reprieve for the coming onslaught of tapes I've been digesting.

Purchase from This is Forte

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Two videos spaced about 9 months apart from one of the most unique voices I have run across here at the Tome. Nate Henricks captivates me, not because he breaks all the rules when it comes to composition or does great violence to any sort of hyphenated genre dividers. Rather, Henricks plays the role of the sly trickster. A Chris Weisman character who uses genre conventions to create something deeply weird and truly moving. These two videos show the great versatility of both Henrick's songwriting and composition. On "DUMBFOUNDMENDTATION" Henricks moves from Z's minimalism and intensity to a slow fade out to...Quicksilver Messenger Service (that guitar solo tho). All the while Henrick's simulated dancers move in a way that approaches humanness but, like Henrick's compositions, get approximately close to genre-form but stop just short of full participation. Simulations to get at something much deeper. The same goes for "Evil Knieval at the Beach" which in some ways is as straightforward as they get - a heavily strummed acoustic ballad - but included in it are lyrical interplays that, like the Chris Weisman comparison, don't quite hit you until the second or third time you hear it. Exhibit A: the opening line, "I was living in a cartoon poster/of a different kind of cartoon". Manufactured realities within manufactured realities. Myths with their own mythology. Yep.

DUMBFOUNDMENDTATION from Nate henricks on Vimeo.

Evil Knievel Live At The Beach- Nate Henricks from Nate henricks on Vimeo.

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