Videodrone: Healers - "Destroyer ID"

It's really nice to hear new stuff from Will McCall. I am most familiar with his soft-energy drone work under Goat Lightning a few years back. With his work with Healers, Will sinks deep into Animal Collective Here Comes the Indian Territory with the sound of strummed guitar chords falling over each other down some marble staircase, warbled heat-death drones punctuating the thick gauze and sing-song vocals catching fluctuations in the atmosphere and spin off into the ether. The video, set against super-imposed images of bare forests, coursing, viscous liquid and metastasizing plastic bags, is shot in the warm, lo-fi world of consumer grade video tape. "Destroyer ID" is off of i out now Ingrown Records - the album is a wonderful slice of throwback hypnagogic pop music we consumed like water back in the mid-aughts. 

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May 4th, 2018