Bryce Hample's (aka Reighnbeau) latest electro-acoustic track under the name HEDIA is a stunner. The crisp resonance of strings, low-key glitches, muted pianos, all come together to create a piece of music that deserves to be scored by something large, lush and panoramic. Raya Kim's time-lapsed moving-photography of forests that seem to change seasons in the blink of an eye, tennis courts indifferent to human activity, the mysterious gradations of blackness of a body of water illuminated by moonlight; these images are I-Max quality in terms of resolution and sheer grandeur. But I would suggest watching it the way I did, on your phone laid horizontally on a flat surface. The images are so crisp and the music is so engaging that you get the distinct feeling that you unwittingly opened a tiny portal to another dimension on your desk and you are getting some god-eye view of a place too pure for humans. 

Download 'Untitled 1' here

HEDIA - untitled 1 from BRYCE HAMPLE on Vimeo.

April 27th, 2018