Videodrone: Nate Henricks - "DUMBFOUNDMENDTATION" & "Evil Knieval Live at the Beach"

Two videos spaced about 9 months apart from one of the most unique voices I have run across here at the Tome. Nate Henricks captivates me, not because he breaks all the rules when it comes to composition or does great violence to any sort of hyphenated genre dividers. Rather, Henricks plays the role of the sly trickster. A Chris Weisman character who uses genre conventions to create something deeply weird and truly moving. These two videos show the great versatility of both Henrick's songwriting and composition. On "DUMBFOUNDMENDTATION" Henricks moves from Z's minimalism and intensity to a slow fade out to...Quicksilver Messenger Service (that guitar solo tho). All the while Henrick's simulated dancers move in a way that approaches humanness but, like Henrick's compositions, get approximately close to genre-form but stop just short of full participation. Simulations to get at something much deeper. The same goes for "Evil Knieval at the Beach" which in some ways is as straightforward as they get - a heavily strummed acoustic ballad - but included in it are lyrical interplays that, like the Chris Weisman comparison, don't quite hit you until the second or third time you hear it. Exhibit A: the opening line, "I was living in a cartoon poster/of a different kind of cartoon". Manufactured realities within manufactured realities. Myths with their own mythology. Yep.

DUMBFOUNDMENDTATION from Nate henricks on Vimeo.

Evil Knievel Live At The Beach- Nate Henricks from Nate henricks on Vimeo.

October 13th, 2015