Videodrone Premiere: Heinz Riegler - "Sleep Health"

There is very little manifesto-driven music that I can get behind. But when your stated purpose of putting out a record is to explore, "dream states, slumber, resting and feeling better," I will gladly sign your petition or whatever. How much great art was created out of bouts with insomnia? Austrian sound artist Heinz Riegler's newest product, out on Lawrence English's tape label A Guide to Saints, is intended as an "audio sleeping pill", something equivalent to those white noise machines that emit ocean and forest sounds. But in this case Riegler emits some pure, elegant tones as part of a 34-minute lullaby codeine-cure that should come with a "Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery" label on it. Instead of drifting off to sleep, I have watched and rewatched this short video whenever I need an escape from the mundane realities of life. When I need a short vacation of floating down some fog filled canyon light as air. We are more than pleased to be premiering this video and hope you get some rest.

HEALTH from Heinz Riegler on Vimeo.

November 21st, 2013