Videodrone: Magik Markers - "Ice Skater"

Granted I haven't listened to Magik Markers since 2006's blistering "A Panegyric to Things I Don't Understand", but hearing their new single off a 7" they released on Drag City was a bit of a shock. The general, sweaty guitar freak-outs have been replaced with the placid, codeine-coma of a heatsick afternoon. Sparse drumming, heavy-handed synths, tons of reverb. They've put out about a billion records since 2006 and it is ridiculous to think that in each record they can think of new and interesting ways for Leah Quimby to put her guitar through paper shredders. I really enjoy this. I also enjoy the video. Too much in fact. THREE MUCH in fact. The uncomfortable closeness. The secrets and surprises they appear in the grainy scanning lines of an old VHS, kind of like listening to embedded codes backtracked on Led Zepplin records. Brilliant stuff. 

This Videodrone brought to you by Ryan H.

October 10th, 2013