Videodrone: Cardiochaos - "Disappointed in the Snow"

My heart was pounding really, really fast after watching this video. Intrigued and more than a little creeped out, I had to watch it again, and again and again. Phew. Now. I don't know what to do with my day. Vienna based Cardiochaos a.k.a  Peter Brunner is a former student of Austrian film auteur Michael Haneke. Back in 2009 my roommate Jarod and I watched Haneke's entire filmography in about two weeks. I would wholly recommend NOT doing this. Especially if you are prone to depression and have a Netflix account. Brunner's tutelage under the master of deeply unsettling, slow-moving films is on display here. Using footage from The Bridge (another movie I would NOT recommend if you are prone to depression/suicidal thoughts), home movie footage of disasters and retina-burning strobe effects, Brunner has created a visually assaulting, mesmerizing pastiche that, Radiohead comparisons aside, is a perfect companion to Brunner's haunting, moody music. This video can easily be slid behind all of the other warnings I issued above. Do not watch this if you have a history of depression (or strobe-induced epilepsy). NSFL. There. I said it, now. Sink in. Full screen please.

Cardiochaos Official Site

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September 6th, 2013