Videodrone: Brothertiger — "Lovers"

Golden Years

I used to date this girl and we liked listening to 90's R & B cuz it was quirky and we were into being quirky long before Zooey and all her doe-eyed straight-banged acolytes had even listened to a Smiths record. There's supposed to be more of a story there, but it's just digressing into bitter hold on to that little adolescent anecdote for me.

Anyway, Brothertiger is the clever alias of John Jagos, a dude from the midwest. Like me...sort of, except he's actually from the midwest and I'm from a place that tries its damndest to be called "the midwest" and not "the south." I do like to dance though. He went to Ohio University and started recording some tunes, delightfully nuanced dance music with all the shimmer and euphoria of radio-friendly dance jams from the Slick Willy whitehouse administration, as an extracurricular pursuit and it caught on. Snooty people probably wanna call this stuff "Chillwave" or something retarded, but I just call it a good time. Lo-fi cassette style dance music that's supposed to evoke the "carefree and woozy feelings of summer." Backed.

Seriously peep this "Lovers" video. It's got lots of cool stuff in it, like waify models in black leotards lip-syncing and shaking their money-makers on the same set that Weezer used for their self-titled album cover (hyuk hyuk...also, insert The Feelies Crazy Rhythms). I also dig the gold shoes, and the fact that this reminds me of staying up late and watching things on MTV2 that made me dumber.

This comes from the album Golden Years available on Mush Records. Video directed by Kiki Allgeier.

This Videodrone brought to you by Dylan Chadwick

February 22nd, 2012