Brandon Locher (maven responsible for a shit-ton of great records and visual art on My Idea of Fun and most recently of the excellent Electronic-Jazz free-form collective The Meets) and Gerald Mattis have created a new group called Stage Hands which will release their debut record early next year. Until then they've teamed up with Joshua Rogers (Broken Machine Films) to create a video that could be footage from a prescient Commodore 64 who glimpsed our future and is now trying to warn us of some dire urban apocolypse. Remember that old cliche, "I buy punk on vinyl because it sounds warmer" (said with snooty, mansplaining affect)? I would say the same for VHS tapes, but only because it is true and I'm not an elitist iconoclast douchebag. It is weirdly comforting how that medium that can blur the edges and flatten the glare of a futuristic early-CG future-scape with scanning lines and analog fuzziness. I only watch Babylon 5 and Lawnmower Man on VHS because it looks warmer. Rogers' use of  several VHS players to run the source material and graphics is next level brilliant. So is this track. Can't wait to listen to it on vinyl, because it will sound warmer. And it's so cold in these streets.

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New material and a killer new video from SLC-based VCR project, VCR5. Dying eclipse solar flare burning Thrashin' onto the back of your eyelids assuring that this 1986 consumerism as counter-culture masterpiece will be the last thing you see when you die. Post-IDM banger of several VCRS spilling their analog guts in unspooling piano lines and crisp, glitching beats. Fresh AF.

this Videodrone brought to you by Ryan H.

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This is the newest joint by Berlin-based-by-way-of-Portugal Pedro Maia, one of our favorite filmmakers working in the world of shortform music video. Maia has racked up an impressive series of films shot on Super 8 and processed with an eye on bright, bold colors and surrealistic imagery for artists ranging from Lee Ranaldo to Fennesz to Panda Bear, to Sandro Perri to Demlike Stare (I could literally go on). This latest film cobbles together film shot in various times (1978, 1984, errr...Prehistory?) and in various locations including China, Peru and in an unspecified location in the Baltics. Sink deep into the erotic mystery that is this film. Herzog's fever dreams on some mefloquine in the tropics type shit. Plus, this new track by Gala Drop is infectious slow burn of a jam.

The fact that some of this is "found footage" is slightly terrifying. 

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I know this record came out early 2014 but Doce has been burning holes on my turntable lately. Novy Svet is a duo from Vienna, Austria who spent the past 12 years recording in various cities and in various languages throughout Europe. Doce, the album that this videdrone is taken, is a retrospective of from their musical exploits 1998-2012. The first song off this record is treated to the wonderful and visceral treatment from our old friends Moduli TV. When I first heard this song I had to walk back to my turntable a few times. Was it the right speed? Was it playing backwards? "Punished with Longing" is a looping, lurching, heavily rhythmic slab of brilliant European-neo-folk-meets-loop-based-weirdness. Those horns, the martial drumming, that voice that sounds like it is recorded backwards but then learned to be sung forwards. Phew. And this video...We are huge fans of Moduli TV's looped film distortion and color palate that matches the green seasickness that this song induces. Perfect in every way. Seriously, pick up this record over at Kill Shaman. It's a weird and wooly world inside.

Purchase it here

Nový Svět - Punished With Longing from Moduli TV * on Vimeo.

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Although this may disrupt the typical peaceful vibes here on the Tome, this band is crucial. Monitor Lizard is a crushing six-piece hardcore band from Cincinnati, OH. And honestly, I have never seen the Queen City so meticulously detailed than in this group's debut video. Giant crocs, dinosaur-aliens, pterodactyls, misfiring laser guns, murderous triceratops...Don't even get me started. Shit's real in these streets. We don't play. Neither do Monitor Lizard. Except when they do. And it's awesome. Enjoy.

Download Jaws 4 for free...or for money

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Sun Tribes

Tome to the Weather Machine is proud to premiere a new video by Brisbane, Australia artist Benjamin Thompson who operates under the name Pale Earth. This halting, sea-sick track is filled with keyed-up Eastern vocal samples and deep, adjacent percussion that have the same audio depth of a door being slammed really hard in another part of a large, Victorian mansion. When these are folded in somewhat reliably into the glitching, VHS-on-pause scanning lines of the milieu of this track the entire thing takes on bodily, rhythmic lurch that slams your chest into the desk you are writing at. Keep your eyes trained to the screen of something that is either an appropriation of a direct-to-video Malaysian crime thriller or some startling found footage. The fist-fight around 2:00 looks waaaay too realistic, but then the dissolve (at that exact perfect moment) brings us back into artifice. It is impossible to tell. So much guilt and sadness in these faces. Spider-bite or gunshot? Bordello or convent? Do these distinctions matter?

You can purchase Pale Earth's new record over at A Guide to Saints.

Pale Earth - Sun Tribes from ROOM40 on Vimeo.

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Dan'l Boone has a membership pedigree that would make this project seem like a terrifying aural assault by just reading the liner notes. Dan'l Boone is: Alexander Moskos (Drainolith/AIDS WOLF), Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) and Neil Hagerty (Howling Hex/Ex-Royal Trux) playing a placid, druggy, deconstructed rock music filtered through inner sea swelling dub rhythms (plastered with tons of diving board reverb), tape manipulations, creeping bass lines and crystal organ lines. 2014 was one hell of a year for supergroups (we will hopefully be saying a year from now) as we are waiting on the Nels Cline/Greg Saunier/Nick Reinhart/Mike Watt collaboration to come out later this year. Until then, get your mindface melted by this lovable troupe of rapscallions.

Fun fact: Both Neil Hagerty and Nate Young played this years Goldrush. Both sets were totally incredible for different reasons. Also, check Dan'l Boone at this year's Cropped Out fest in Louisville, KY on 10/26.

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