An absolutely riveting, haunted piece of work from Eilean Records and Lee Chapman. Deep visual dives into bodily possession and economic/societal dispossession. A beautiful contrast of where souls go when they leave their homes. "Let Me In" is off of Chapman's gorgeous and equally haunted record The Common Silence on Eilean Rec. Chapman's use of almost-human sounding drones, ghost-moved clatter and heart-stopping build ups and drop outs are replete through the album. This video gives a perfect visual compendium for what is going on well below the substrate on this record. Stop everything you are doing and watch this. 

Purchase The Common Silence here

eilean rec. 22 : lee chapman - let me in (05.05.15) from M.V / EILEAN REC. on Vimeo.

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This video for Goat Lightning's latest work on Light that Blinds tips his hat that Goat Lightning is, like, really into space now. Previous work has explored the earthy ritualistic magic of crystal-gazing and terrestrial based science/folk-magic. However, Light that Blinds has wholly flown this coop and set its controls for the heart of the sun. This video, digital and analog feedback stuck between stations of space exploration aspiration (a greatest hits sort of compilation) and an ode - or justification - for leaving Earth behind, exude a sense of childlike wonder and adult heaviness. Goat Lightning's blissed out synths showering radioactive trailings as they streak through the sky on their way out of this plane.  

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CD on Ingrown

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The ghostly double-exposure of Paul Clipson's city footage for Ilyas Ahmed's ephemeral ballad lays out, in exquisite visual relief, the way that Ahmed's music - guitar and voice - settles upon you without any announcement of its arrival, much like the condensation of fog obscures images through car windows without the pitter-patter of falling rain. Some things sound like they've always been there. There is a certain sheen across Ahmed's musical output that casts everything in a soft focus silvery ghostlight. It is difficult to pin-point its source. It is in Ahmed's voice, an understated croon that frays at the edges slightly when it nudges up to the limits of its register, or Ahmed's masterful guitar work that weaves in and out of itself in open, circuitous conversation, it is also in the way the microphone picks up room tone, the fragmentary notes decaying softly in the silence between sounds. Ahmed's album I Am All Your Own, which "Come On" is taken from, sounds like it could have been recorded in any era, and like the video that accompanies it, feels ageless - like city sidewalks that were built long before the invention of chewing gum and cigarette filters. Highly recommended listen.

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Holly Herndon isn't just on top of her game, she is on top of THE game. This refers to any/all games heretofore played or games to happen in the immediate or near future. "Interference" is a leading track from her forthcoming album Platform and it is a white-knuckle intense ride through interconnected beats and vocals that exist on that bleeding edge where the digital and corporeal meet. Like drawing blood on the razor sharp spine of some supercomputer's processor. The digital/bodily concept works well for this video. Natural footage shredded by digital overlays like the impossibly real looking flag whose varying degrees of tattered-ness obscure layers of footage put through a monochromatic THX-1138 filter. God, this is amazing. Incredibly honored to share this on day four of honoring women in experimental music. 

Ryan H.

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In day two of honoring female experimental musicians, I want to honor all women of color who are creating incredible pieces of forward-thinking sound exploration. Cher Von, from Louisville, KY is one of those individuals. Cher Von possesses an almost inhuman range that dips, lilts and rises suddenly like a hawk caught in a thermal column, but most of the time rides that golden mean of shot-through-the-heart tonality that sounds wholly uncreated, as if it were omnipresent but we just now tuned our ears to hear it. Creating looped passages out of various objects MacGuyvered into percussive instruments, hushed acoustic guitars and a sturdy bass line, this additive composition reaches a pitch when those rich textures are shaped into a dense, interwoven thicket of sounds, melody and voice. 

Ryan H.

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Imagine being in a geodesic dome, stripped of of your sense of sight and groping your way through a maze while this...THIS! is playing over the loudspeakers and is projected onto the dome as you wander like some kind of modern Jonah inside the cavernous belly of a whale. On May 7th at The Exploratorium in San Francisco (possibly rivaling St. Louis' City Museum as the coolest museum in the states) this excerpt turned educational science video will be making its debut a few days after Alexander's newest album Wayfinding Beacons from Planet to Planet drops. Alexander, who doubles as a member of Jackie O'Motherfucker and freak-folk revivalist has produced one of the best videos I've had the pleasure to share on this site. The wandering, manipulated analog media scores perfectly the wandering, equally manipulated, zoned guitar/drone passages of Alexander's exploratory improvisation. The thought of this being seen by multitudes while practicing keen tactile awareness brings me a lot of warmth thinking about. Enjoy this for now. If you are anywhere near San Francisco around May 7th...Fucking go to this.

Wayfinding Beacons from Planet to Planet on bandcamp

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Violence...amiright? If you've mumbled you're way through your twenties, head against a wall because you are too polite to spend an hour looking at your phone or too cripplingly shy to join the swollen murmur of drunken voices threatening to overtake the vanity propulsion mechanism that everyone is too anti-critical to tell is making them very bored and very angry and making them seriously reconsider going back into the ministry/infantry/fraternity because, "is this really how I pictured spending my Wednesday nights?" or at least at the frat house "I don't have to not not pretend I don't like that new Zedd single". Then pray your savior comes in off the frozen Midwest tundra to turn your noise-ordinance complying basement show into a Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt-style rave comprised of equal parts ecstasy and horror through the cleansing power of physical violence. Save us from our complicity, we pray. May your hands always be near our throats, we pray. May the force majeure of turning 30 cause us to wile out, forever. To thee, the power and the glory. Amen.

Ryan H.

VATS Bandcamp

VATS - SLOW EYES from Tim Krause on Vimeo.

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