Imagine being in a geodesic dome, stripped of of your sense of sight and groping your way through a maze while this...THIS! is playing over the loudspeakers and is projected onto the dome as you wander like some kind of modern Jonah inside the cavernous belly of a whale. On May 7th at The Exploratorium in San Francisco (possibly rivaling St. Louis' City Museum as the coolest museum in the states) this excerpt turned educational science video will be making its debut a few days after Alexander's newest album Wayfinding Beacons from Planet to Planet drops. Alexander, who doubles as a member of Jackie O'Motherfucker and freak-folk revivalist has produced one of the best videos I've had the pleasure to share on this site. The wandering, manipulated analog media scores perfectly the wandering, equally manipulated, zoned guitar/drone passages of Alexander's exploratory improvisation. The thought of this being seen by multitudes while practicing keen tactile awareness brings me a lot of warmth thinking about. Enjoy this for now. If you are anywhere near San Francisco around May 7th...Fucking go to this.

Wayfinding Beacons from Planet to Planet on bandcamp

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Violence...amiright? If you've mumbled you're way through your twenties, head against a wall because you are too polite to spend an hour looking at your phone or too cripplingly shy to join the swollen murmur of drunken voices threatening to overtake the vanity propulsion mechanism that everyone is too anti-critical to tell is making them very bored and very angry and making them seriously reconsider going back into the ministry/infantry/fraternity because, "is this really how I pictured spending my Wednesday nights?" or at least at the frat house "I don't have to not not pretend I don't like that new Zedd single". Then pray your savior comes in off the frozen Midwest tundra to turn your noise-ordinance complying basement show into a Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt-style rave comprised of equal parts ecstasy and horror through the cleansing power of physical violence. Save us from our complicity, we pray. May your hands always be near our throats, we pray. May the force majeure of turning 30 cause us to wile out, forever. To thee, the power and the glory. Amen.

Ryan H.

VATS Bandcamp

VATS - SLOW EYES from Tim Krause on Vimeo.

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Rachel Grimes has a new record coming out and if this track is any indication it is going to be tremendous (actually, I just listened to it...It is tremendous). Grimes, as we all remember, was a seminal member of Rachel's - Louiseville, KY's classical music answer to post-rock's question of "now what"? - and has produced a stunning long-player of structured and improvised piano works with notable guests including Shipping News' Kyle Crabtree, Loscil and, on this track, the stirring saxophone of Jacob Duncan of Liberation Prophecy. Keep your eyes peeled as this is destined to be one of the most important releases of 2015.

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I always felt like the compilation-based musical and visual output of The Books celebrated human quirk instead of simply commenting on or exploiting its massive purchase of real people feeling real emotions. Well, Paul de Jong is back! And we live in a vapid spiritual wasteland  if we can't watch this backwards ode to recorded bits of quixotic passion and identify with it...or at least feel warm inside...and then go about our day perhaps feeling a little bit better about ourselves and the universe and maybe smile at the cashier selling us our 2xpack cigarillos and Molson so we can numb the acuity of those feelings. This is all too much, I need a moment.

Ryan H. 

Pre order from Temporary Residence

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A deliciously deadpan video that destroys everything I hate/secretly love. Personal pools, clean white linen, keyboards and mic stands. "Babyfangs '77" off of Afraid's equally deadpan and destructive tape Sinister Vibes is distinctive mood piece. A shining clean edifice being eaten alive from the inside by something profoundly disturbing. Like a brand new macbook pro filled up to critical mass with murder porn.  The blood comes. Spoiler alert. But when it does it is impossible to tell where from. Stigmata or spray from blunt impact? This works well with Sinister Vibes, the tape this comes off. That tape is a powerful piece of subversive media. Think Small Black meets Have a Nice Life. The stench of death is somewhere close, but rot can smell sickly sweet. Corpses in the basement an art gallery opening about the transcendence of black metal. We can only decontextualize so much before our violent thoughts catch up with us. 

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Some beautiful HD footage of winter's deep maw accompanying a mysterious, elliptical tale set in said deep maw. An equally HD soprano moves from shading and coloring the surging ambient-jazz track to unleashing a tirade of superhuman whoops and calls as the track begins to accumulate weight and dread like tiny snowflakes that eventually trigger an avalanche. Amazing work out of Ireland on the always fantastic Denovali label. 

Purchase via Denovali.

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The best cut from one of 2014's most criminally overlooked albums finally gets a video treatment...and holy shit what a video this is. If you haven't had your fill of mating snails this year, consider that rectified. Beyond that, so much of this video feels like it is happening off screen. As the digital lattice of images in the center begins to shift shapes and is invaded from the periphery by arcing spherical lines, I got a split second of existential panic. Like, "I was focusing on this small thing, but all this other stuff was happening outside that I wasn't even aware of!!" Too heavy for a Friday morning. But also snails, slime and that vocoder effect on Marc Richter's vocals and the rolling, galloping piano/zither lines to get you outside of yourself for five minutes.

Ryan H.

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