Yuki Ame - Bristol, UK based IDM / experimental electronic artist has created a blistering, tripping composition of linear madness. Transposed against some imposing topography, the song and the video image-map themselves on the contour of the brain. Finding tiny crevasses and canyons to burrow into causing synapses to fire in time with the BPM causing involuntary twitching that some people may call dancing. Mainlined into the brain it is difficult to extricate oneself from the internal world created. 

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Berlin-based performance/dance/electronic duo HYENAZ have created a jarring and visceral collaboration between performance and recording with their video for "Proximity". The naked body's contorted movements cut off and segmented from the illusion of fluidity that visual recording gives us. Each movement is captured and displayed independent of one another, our eyes missing crucial information between each glitchy jump cut. Our brain make up for that lost information in what we assume to be a linear fashion until something else disrupts that narrative and we are flung back to a state of pre-processing - where sound and image swim before our senses devoid of context. All that flesh circling but never quite touching each other. Coming into close proximity before being dashed apart by even more flesh, mirrors the way our brains come close to constructing a through-line narrative while unaware of the movement taking place beyond our immediate gaze. An analogy for existing with other people? There's a lot to take in during this glitch banger.

NSFW..Shaking asses.

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Dumb flesh. Feeling along constricted pathways to burrow into something warm. Leaving slime like breadcrumb trails to mark our paths. Danielle Dahl, the Norwegian artist living in Copenhagen, creates a series of highly visceral, psycho-sexual imagery in her latest video off her album Loosening Orion's Belt. As a member of free-jazz/noise group Tigers Mind, Dahl's saxophone does heavy bodily damage, under her own name, her extended technique creates a steady flatline of drone and voice, equally as disturbing and entrancing as when paired with this imagery.

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It's really nice to hear new stuff from Will McCall. I am most familiar with his soft-energy drone work under Goat Lightning a few years back. With his work with Healers, Will sinks deep into Animal Collective Here Comes the Indian Territory with the sound of strummed guitar chords falling over each other down some marble staircase, warbled heat-death drones punctuating the thick gauze and sing-song vocals catching fluctuations in the atmosphere and spin off into the ether. The video, set against super-imposed images of bare forests, coursing, viscous liquid and metastasizing plastic bags, is shot in the warm, lo-fi world of consumer grade video tape. "Destroyer ID" is off of i out now Ingrown Records - the album is a wonderful slice of throwback hypnagogic pop music we consumed like water back in the mid-aughts. 

Cop the tape here

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Bryce Hample's (aka Reighnbeau) latest electro-acoustic track under the name HEDIA is a stunner. The crisp resonance of strings, low-key glitches, muted pianos, all come together to create a piece of music that deserves to be scored by something large, lush and panoramic. Raya Kim's time-lapsed moving-photography of forests that seem to change seasons in the blink of an eye, tennis courts indifferent to human activity, the mysterious gradations of blackness of a body of water illuminated by moonlight; these images are I-Max quality in terms of resolution and sheer grandeur. But I would suggest watching it the way I did, on your phone laid horizontally on a flat surface. The images are so crisp and the music is so engaging that you get the distinct feeling that you unwittingly opened a tiny portal to another dimension on your desk and you are getting some god-eye view of a place too pure for humans. 

Download 'Untitled 1' here

HEDIA - untitled 1 from BRYCE HAMPLE on Vimeo.

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Post-punk, at it's root, is a music of discomfort and unease. A jittery, every-worst-case-scenario-all-at-once nameless anxiety pulses through the best of it - even when it tries to explore themes of companionship or pleasure. Enter Crime of Passing, a Cincinnati-OH trio and late-entry contender. Their video for the single "Eleventh Hour" off their 2017 EP Dancing Prick - crafted by the video production group Channel 77 made up of Brian McCabe and Brooke Shanesy - maximizes discomfort and unease through a series of subject-obscuring close ups overlayed a distorted analogue wasteland. I've always been a fan of how distorted images can get when our field of vision competes with scanning lines, the ghostly doubling, the time-stretching start and stop. Images of faces, hands, lips, roses appear out of the discordia while kept in time with hyper-focused images of instruments in isolation to desperate vocals, haunted synths, discordant saxophone and guitar and bass that marshal this track into rigid staccato time. It's a visceral pairing. 

Crime of Passing- Eleventh Hour from channel 77 ⓥⓗⓢ on Vimeo.

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The latest video off of braeyden jae's Fog Mirror is an invitation to vertigo. High spatial profile and three-dimensional layering as we descend through the copper-plated tunnel of a brass instrument or calcified lotus pod while color-shifting liquid boils. A primordial soup that matches braeyden jae's roiling ambient passage "Two Mirrors Looking" that teems and builds with gentle tonal shifts, heavily strummed guitars and resolute piano emerging from deep below the surface of all that top-level swell and noise. A beautiful visual interpretation of a beautiful song. 

Fog Mirror available on Whited Sepulchre Records.

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