Videodrone: Masoleum — "(Meth) Hunters"

Toronto rules. It's the home to some of my all time favorite hardcore bands past and present (Fucked Up, Career Suicide, Mad Men, even No Warning), the premier hardcore fanzine of my era (Town of Hardcore) and plenty of rad record labels. When I found out that Toronto's Masoleum sported members who'd done time in Molested Youth and Marvelous Darlings I took immediate notice...and couldn't be happier.

It'd be kind of easy to pass them off as Cure worship (Hell, it's pretty much what everyone says about Cherish the Light Years), and there's plenty of early B-Side style Cure here to boot, but Masoleum draws freely from the entire well of post punk, tipping their collective hat to brooding goth, new-wave and british punk. Little bits of Warsaw, maybe some Crocodiles era Echo & the Bunnymen and even Killing Joke ("Meth Hunters" almost seems like a ghostly 2011 reprise of "Complication").

And that video...oh that video. A montage of high-energy hardcore/punk gigs, some Black Flag footie, snogging teenagers (is that Sue Catwoman?), skinheads smashing their heads together, skinny-tied trendies pogoing away and requisite stage's like a punk rock video history lesson. Live from the adolescent rebellion disco. Great tune. Great video. Peep it here, then head on over to the Hand Drawn Dracula site to snag the EP.

Mausoleum - (Meth) Hunters from Hand Drawn Dracula on Vimeo.

This Videodrone brought to you by Dylan Chadwick.

August 1st, 2011