Videodrone: Beat Connection — "In the Water"

Holy woah. I’ve been trying to start my linguistics essay for the past hour…but I just can’t tear my peepers away from all these crazy colors. The whole thing reminds me of middle school tech-ed when I got paired up with a stinky kid named Ronnie Bruce. This was 1998 and bowl cuts weren’t frowned on so much. He had one.

Anyway, we were supposed to learn “video production.” It kind of blows my mind that the teacher, a skinny bald dude, trusted us with his camera and equipment. Maybe it was a more innocent time. We were supposed to make a video and edit it using whatever rudimentary software my crappy public middle school could afford in the late 90’s. We ended up shooting a bunch of footage of some woodlice we found behind the school, only we put it under a “solarize” effect on the camera. We got a solid C on the assignment, and Ronnie wanted asked me if I’d ever taken any painkillers before. A girl said our video looked like “an acid trip.” I didn’t know what that was, so I looked it up on Encarta Encyclopedia when I got home.

Anyway, this vid is insane but super calming. It kind of walks the line between really primitive and compelling…in that I can’t stop watching. The song ain’t bad either. Sort of a reverberating synth-drenched Paul Simon vibe…or whatever bands that LCD Soundsystem and Vampire Weekend listen to. White kids playing island beats, yadda yadda.I guess these kids describe themselves as “psychedelic island jamz” or something and I dig that. If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d rather jam this than anything by Jimmy Buffett

Best youtube comment? “Suddenly I have the urge to feed a dolphin LSD.”

Me too.

This Videodrone brought to you by Dylan Chadwick

June 14th, 2011