Videodrone: Panda Bear – "MEMORY" Director: Pedro Maia

From Pedro Maia: "Memory" is a collaboration with musician Noah Lennox (Panda Bear), exploring the relation between a musician and filmmaker and their personal reflection on memories. From super 8 home movies and entirely hand made, this film explores familiar memories, the present moment combined with past experiences and how it all seems to evade from our present memory.

Enough said. It is always nice to hear new audio-visual stuff from Animal Collective fav. Noah Lennox. This isn't particularly new Panda Bear material. These are two tracks, the fitting, "A Musician and a Filmmaker" and "Ohne Titel" spliced together from Panda Bears eponymous debut. Nevertheless, this is some of the newest Panda Bear audio-visual collaborations to hit since Oddsac. This particular collaboration with Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Maia is exceptionally choice. For all of the hastily put together archived videos floating around, Maia's meditative experimentation in handcrafted film distortion is a high watermark for this kind of thing  For all of you salivating of the 2011 release of Tomboy let this collage of muted/mutated and harsh tones hold you over until then. Ryan out.

This Videodrone brought to you by Ryan H.

December 10th, 2010