Single's Cruise 11.30.18

Purshohn - "Headfirst"

Pursohn’s “Headrest” takes up a caffeine-jittery beat and pairs it with rafter-swelling guitars and synths creating 3 minutes of pure audio candy. Pushing all the pleasure points of artists like M83 or Remy Parsons into the red with handclaps, tone-shifted swoops and dives. Pursohn’s debut single is a genre-skirting track that is impossibly catchy.


Acting as a phrase in a much larger conversation, "There Is" (first composition on the album There is an End in Everything That Comes into Being) is a ever-increasing composition that hold surging drones of pure white noise in tension with roiling percussion buried deep in the mix. The track reaches its climax with an all-encompassing roar wherein sheets of noise overtake all available bandwidth and listening space before receding into the ether. It's an auspicious start.


Nicolas Sávva feat. Monsoonsiren - "white hotel"

"White Hotel" is an insanely impressive collaboration between Berlin-via-Australia Nicolas Saava and the India-based Monsoonsiren. Saava's composition - built from the ground up around the unique tonal phrasings of the harp, cello and flute - are shaded with layers of found sound, manipulated everyday snippets of familiar noises that fold into the track's bottomless sea of sound. Monsoonsiren's aching falsetto - recalling Active Child and Antony Hagerty - weave in and out of the track like vines around an imposing, ancient building. 


On "Ani Maamin" the Los Angeles based experimental musician swims in deep water shared by Tome favorites Lau Nau, Brown Bread, Emily Reo, etc...Left-field composition turns are sustained by Nadoyel's distant, doubled vocals lilting in and out of melodies, bright bells, harpsichord and a small bedroom full of instruments that fill in the song's nooks, crannies and deep eddies where adventurous sound exploration takes us.

Wish Lash - "Elegant Air"

"Elegant Air" is the sound of the human voice being led into the darker corners of the human heart. Looped vocals, lapping drones and an auerthmiac heartbeat percussion cautiously tread into those places near the edge of light. Recalling MJ Guider, Valet and High Wolf, Calgary's Wish Lash makes an indellible statement on "Elegant Air" -  a track that sounds conceived in the moment with each decision tracing back to its source.

Voga - "Wavery (feat. Alaskan Tapes)"

Having been introduced to Alaskan Tapes on our last Single's Cruise, this collaboration between Alaskan Tapes and the Canadian musician Voga is a beautiful layering of felted piano, viola, cello run through and circled back on each other through deft sampling to create aural fields of deeply resonant ambience.

Ackerman - "For Everyone You'll Ever Know"

"For Everyone You'll ever Know" is a whisper-to-a-roar composition that takes its time building up layers and layers of drone, disembodied voices from dead relatives and friends, until a sturdy bass line cuts through all ambience and marshals all of those emotions into time with a sturdy back beat. The track explodes open around this time, unspooling all of those tightly-wound heartstrings all over the floor through soaring synthesizers, vocals, horns and strings. It's one of the finer build-and-release tracks I've heard in some time recalling Broken Social Scene and Do Make Say Think in all their ramshackle glory.

Evergreen - "Excitable Andre"

"Excitable Andre" is a gorgeous exploration of the ability to make a saxophone and drum kit sound like multitudes of universes exploding into being. That might be a bit heavy handed for a saxophone run through a series of effects and looped back on itself, but itn the way that Alice Coletrane's music was "cosmic" in the sense of ordering and adjusting constellations of sound, Evergreen's foray into creating otherworldly music out of jazz chestnuts is a world-creating endeavor in itself. Intersections of ragas, cosmic jazz and the omnipresent life of the Pacific Northwest falling and collapsing into themselves.

November 28th, 2018