Single's Cruise 11.23.18

AKB & Slim Vic – “Frusen Karlek pa Hagastroms IP”

The Swedish duo of AKB and Slim Vic match frozen drones with melancholic and minimal piano lines that rise from the from the beautifuly placid noisefloor like small flocks of birds caught in an updraft. It’s an unexpectedly poignant composition set against the sportsgrounds of Hagastroms IP outside of Gavle, Sweden – a place with signifigant meaning to the musicians as a place where childhood dreams were raised and then left behind.

Khyaam Haque – “Hinterland”

The Chicago-via-Mexico based composer weds solo piano lightness with a driving beat that sets its controls to the heart of the sun. As it accrues arpeggios that seem to fall over themselves as they are folded into the composition, “Hinterland” turns in on itself, mapping distant hinterlands locations across the valleys and mountains of the brain. Turning the external into a personal reaction to the concept of space and distance.

Alaskan Tapes – “Untitled #1”

A composer for films, Alaskan Tapes takes on droning passages, crackling, organic-sounding samples that make up a sleight percussive base and a sense of floating, untethered trajectory of this composition. Reverb-heavy piano lines are held to the earth with the slightest bits of twine. There are gossamer threads of melody and motif throughout, held together tightly by a cinematic eye on setting and mood’s importance in creating a narrative.

HARMS – “Aquarium”

Jake Harms (of What Moon Things) creates swelling testaments to dislocated adult angst that filter downcast goth motifs through swing-for-the-fences massive choruses and movement. There are moments in the heavily compressed bass lines, high register synths and in Harms’ plaintive moan that sound like a reason for living trying to rip itself out of a cocoon of heavy blankets piled on by seasonal depression. Fans of The Cure, Blessure Grave, Cloakroom and Porches should take notice of HARMS.

Mouse Dog Bird – “If Anything I Did You a Favor”

“If Anything I Did You a Favor” is the sound of ascendance. A full jet throttle into bandwith cleansing pure tonal sensory overload of drone and in the red synths still maintaining a harmonic center.The track eventually, as everything does, gives into entropy. But this giving up is a sweet surrender into the emotional heartbeat of the song: simple, overlapping keyboard melodies gently pawing and repeating themselves like a tape loop abandoned in a house on the outskirts of town.

November 23rd, 2018