Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 043

It's the "weirdo, lo-fi..." edition. jazz-prog-noise from Peru, hypnotic electronic music from Poland, French synth-pop, Irish instrumental rock ballads and everything in between. A heavy selection from some unclassifiable jammers from around the world. 

Strië - "Perpetual Journey" Perpetual Journey (Serein)

In 1957 the U.S.S.R launched Laika – a stray dog found wandering the streets of Moscow – into space, forever memorializing her as the first animal to orbit the earth. Her journey has been a constant source of inspiration for musicians describing the feeling of journey and travel or the brief moments transcendence that life sometimes lobs our way. Olga Wojciechowska – the Polish artist who performs under the moniker Strië – uses the conceit of a dog shot into space to give a narrative framework to her compositions. On Perpetual Journey Strië unfolds layer after layer of sound as the seconds tick by on each composition. It is easy to get the sense of journey from earth to the above. A deep, rhythmic base root these songs in something inherently terrestrial: the faint throb of a bass line, the percussive rumble of field recordings of shuffling feet, tinkling bells and the crackle and hiss of sound passing through some mechanism existing outside of the digital realm.

Sumuposauttaja -  "Side A (Excerpt) Coolest Tracks 2013-2017 (Cudighi Records)

The Finnish electronic artist's new tape on Cudhigi is a perfect summary of a sweaty summer night house show pulsing deep into the night. Tables piled high with analog equipment, you, sober-ish and too old to be at such a house show creating a physical barricade between the overly-intoxicated young woman swaying precariously close to 10K of audio equipment.Woozy percussion and psychedelic dips and drifts like an acid drip from your spine - tracers of a younger you occupying a drunker space in another living room years ago.


More dense and florid percussion-led tracks full of shambolic mystical rights and lucid-tripping via ferric spiritual transference. German Army is a schedule one narcotic with newly discovered health benefits only now discovered by scientists but known by seekers for centuries. 

Magic from Space -  "marblemadness" 4 HSP ć ASMR vol. 1 (Ingrown Records)

Named after one of the most frustrating Nintendo games ever created, this small slice of lo-fi outer space party jams tracks well to its namesake's seemingly never-ending twists and turns and near cliff-edge antics. Featuring a broken alien bass line and a noise table of electronics and keyboards' tuned to the exact sine wave frequency of our closest extra-terrestrial's Adult Contemporary Top 40, Magic From Space is a freaked out house party on junk electronics and inhaled stardust.


Based out of Lima, Peru this amalgam free-jazz, noise-rock, prog-fusion group has been one of the best out-of-left-field finds I've stumbled upon this year. A totally frank takedown and build-up of varied modes forming together in a flying V of kaleidoscopic visions of freedom. Making up the "B-Side" to the accompanying 20 minute "A-Side of Cábala, "Réplica" brings in the natural world through field recordings as well as a saxophone doing mimicing dissonant animal noises. It's a humid and disorienting trek through dense bush of proggy-noisy-jazz.

Alex Cunningham - "Fiddle pt. 2" Fiddle (Personal Archives)

"...On Fiddle, Cunningham unplugs, and through a series of sharp sketches and stretches he grinds on his fiddle with composed abandon. Cunningham begins the cassette with the only improvisations for which he's given himself a constraint - "improvise a fiddle tune - and it's with a self-direction that we see him bleeding between a slow-building wispy gristle and increasingly agile runs of melodicism." - Nick Potter from the Columbia Experimental Music Festival Pairing Guide Zine. 

ADDERALL CANYONLY - "some sort of sacrifice maybe LUCID IN A WASTED way (NULLZONE)

Since being exposed to Aderall Canyonly's work since 2011's It Was a Dark and Stoney Night on Field Hymns, it is always exciting to hear which screwball direction he will take this kind of action-adventure film scoring, techno-night drive through some near-future apocalypse. Chunky power chords, palm-muted riffage, sizzling 80's neon synths riding a heavy drone throughout the track - it's all there. Some forgotten score to some deep Hollywood Video direct-to-VHS gem. Bless this mess.

Big Debbie -  "Wide open Mouth (your eyes)"Ab Ra Ca Deb Ra (Ratskin Records)

"Wide Open Mouth" is the opening salvo to AB RA CA DEB RA on Ratskin Records. It is a fork-in-the-wall-socket slab of all-in-the-red distorted post-punk, disembodied vocals floating in the deadlights of a darkwave dirge. Filtered through early 00's noise-rock bombast and 80's Left Coast punk experiments with minimalism and sheer menace, this is resurrected agitprop with teeth. A welcome addition to a roster industrial-punk upstarts including UNIFORM, Echo Beds and Street Sects.

Lime Eyelid - "5" Week of Wonders

Bedroom doom rock made with depleted bank account of fucks given. Throughout the series of tracks on Josh Schultz's project, the simplicity of the recording - a 4-track with seemingly little else beyond the instruments on this record - belie a strong dedication to craft even when the whole thing feels like it is about to burst apart at the seams. A transmission coming from the same kind of strange DIY universe as OSR Tapes / Zach Phillips alternate reality.

DeadMan's Ghost - "Trip switch down" Saccadic Rhythms (Ephem-Aural)

Hailing from North Ireland the duo known as Deadman's Ghost is a lovely instrumental rock piece that doesn't fall into the trappings of post-rock so easily done within the genre. Instead, it's a patient and unfolding post-punk inspired track that moves and builds in intensity without the never-ending charge into crescendo-core wankery. The heavily augmented chorus pulses and breathes with a forlorn light of  a home you are retuning to and the split second decision to keep driving or resume your tired life. Saccadic Rhythms is included in a lovely batch from the consistent Ephem-Aural. 

Rémi Parson - "Cerise Teatr" Arrière-Pays (Isolaa Records)

It what has amounted to my new favorite pop record of the year, the French synth-pop, shoegaze artist Rémi Parson creates music of great melancholy but also never-ending serotonin washes in his hooks well-tested Cure-heavy bass lines. It's an unexpectedly and undeniably great pop late-year pop record. 

International Surrealist Bulletin - "Immanuel" Immanence (Ephem-Aural)

On the new International Surrealist Bulletin, and especially on "Immanuel" there is a new focus on creating transcendent and meditative spaces in the well-worn grooves of traditional forms of music. Gospel, spirituals and monastic music are replete through these tracks, imbuing them with expansive qualities of existing beyond and outside the magnetic tape it was created on. 

October 13th, 2018