Singles Cruise 11.02

Macro/Micro - "Composition 2 pt. 2 (Black Hole Experience Report) The End of Light

Macro/Micro - a performance name of Tommy Simpson out of Los Angeles - was born out of a toweringly ambitious multi-media project that took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan where the life, works and bizarre theories of Sergey Kalmkov were brought to surreal reality. The End of Light is Simpson's soundtrack to the bizarre art happening. Broad ambient brushstrokes, bells and drones seep in through shadows creating pin pricks of light in an otherwise dark and creatively restless mind. 

Loui Martz - "Tech Sauce"

Hard techno beats underscore classic House vocals in an undeniably danceable track. The young Mexican musician has a deep ear for golden era techno as well as a nod to weirdo revivalists like CFCF and dance unit provocateurs BOAN. An exercise for your body and a hard flex for your brain. 

Aoi - "Natural Pain"

Highly infectious synth-pop from the Phillipines. Auto-tuned vocals that recall artists like Emily Reo or Kero Kero Bonito slowly introduce the song's center-piece a soaring, anthemic dream-pop chorus that blooms and bursts apart in a million different directions at once under the influence of a simple three-note pattern. It's brilliant. 

J. Brooks Rice - "Curve" Sequel

"Curve" is all oceanic swells of tone coaxed from manipulated hardware bent into otherworldly beauty. This Columbus, OH based artist lets this track find its breath in towering stacked tones and painfully gorgeous exhales of electric circuits singing to each other. Highly recommended.

Elskavon & Jameson Nathan Jones - "Still as Troubled Waters"

Uncovering entirely hidden worlds out of Jameson Nathan Jones acoustic piano source material, Elskavon shapes and twists these tonal structures uncovered within the piano's compositions through applying modular effects and editing them to the point, while far from being unrecognizable, are imbued and leavened by manipulated tones. It's a sum's more than its parts type of composition.

Michele Baldi - "Hwl"

One of the most straight forward and beautiful solo piano compositions I've heard in some time. There is a slight fluttering of hesitation between passages from the Italian pianist, a split-second nod to compositional decisions before a flurry of notes catch and arc over one another, sending another crescendo skyward, all glinting and full of light.

Antonis Pratsinakis - "Blueroom"

Antonis Pratsinakis is an accomplished cellist from the Netherlands. For "Blueroom" Pratsinakis approaches the cello composition like a mixing board. Coaxing electronically modulated sounds from just about every crevice of the instrument's hollow body, Pratsinakis's work draws huge synth overtones from manipulated pulls of the bow, electronic percussion and lines that skirt the periphery of experimental electronic composition and post-rock. 

October 30th, 2018