Singles Cruise 10.12.18

 How the Night Came - "I: HN03" Acid Music 

How the Night Came creates uneasy and unsettling drones from Japan written using a chordal sequence following the chemical formula for acid. Influenced by everything from House of Low Culture to the Silent Hill II soundtrack, this floating piece of astral fog is a wisp more than an island enveloping mass. It curls and snakes around changing tonal frequencies, heavy chord changes and an omnipresent heaviness that settles over "I:HNO3" like low ground cover condensation. 

Kuvallini - "Exaltation" 

The Ukraine-based artist is adept at pulling golden distortion out of a noisy groundfloor while under the influence of reverb-heavy piano lines that bend under his will. These tones service a confounding, aleatoric beat pattern that builds slowly into a cacophony of all-machines-on-style noise before gently cresting and settling back into previous modes of mellowed harshness and max moodiness.

Flora Pantanal - "Forcefield" 

Following in the same tight pattern of synthwave revivalists SURVIVE, Flatliner and Com Truise, Flora Pantanal is a nightdrive through some retro-futurist metropolis on some dire mission. Throbbing bass lines, arpeggiated synths and soaring melodies on the chorus give "Forcefield" the feeling of a linear rave-up that ends in a fiery disaster. It's laser-focused melodies throttling up into the glowing, mechanical night.

Goldkiwi - "Clair" 

A gorgeous piano-led track that holds all of the sonic qualities of the unadorned instrument in harmony with one another. The percussive movement of mallets against strings, the mechanical movements of a machine moving in sync with its components. These sounds are paired with a ebullient drone that occurs halfway through, shepherding the track into some holy sphere. This is my first introduction to the Austrian composer's work. 

deru - "refuge" Torn in two (friends of friends)

Deru's second single off of Torn in Two is a grandiose build-and-bloom composition that moves from propulsive, Philip Glass inspired minimalism to rafter-scraping electronically manipulated harshness. The pull into more distorted tonality is done as a logical end to the gradual build in intensity from the lush string and woodwinds into an aching crescendo. This is Deru at his best.

Lunar Femmes - "Celestial Dread" Stargazers

The British/Mexican-American of Charlotte Marshall and Emily Ontiveros is full of beautiful tones slid between the fabric of time through astral projection file sharing. These kind of long distance creative partnerships allow for the careful tinkering and unhurried additions that seem to dominate this track. Heavy synth pulls layer over simple arpeggios of modular warmness. It's one of those bathwater warm synth excursions that seem to pull you all the way under until you melt.

October 10th, 2018