Single's Cruise 10.05.18

Ivan Kamaldinov - "Sunblind" Unrest

Beautiful floating vocal tones on the lead single from the Russian based ambient artist. It's hard to find anything in here that won't immediately light up the pleasure centers of listeners naturally attuned to this kind of ambient-drone. Edgeless pulsating tones, vocals submerged below waves of droning static, completely sanded smooth output that strikes an excellent counterbalance between golden noise and sustained tones. 

Klangriket - "Bjork" tjarn

Fabian Rosenberg , the Swedish based composer, has created a track that begins as a solo piano melody buried under sheets of reverb, that blooms into life by end of the track’s lifespan by employing aching, glowing drones in rhythmic measure. The tack is lit from within by some ebullient glowing bulb shining through the distinct ties to Scandinavian winters and forlorn forests in repose against grey skies.

Xander Naylor - "Ghost Logic" Transmission

After suffering an injury that left him unable to play or practice the guitar, the NYC-based jazz/out guitarist slowly and painfully began to reteach him how to play through cultivating deep wells of inner strength through meditation and yoga. These practices payed off in a big way as "Ghost Logic" leads a coiterie of strings, upright bass, synths,  percussion and unhinged vocals through a hide-and-seek of game through passages of free expression into reveries of tightly orchestrated, highly technical run throughs with the joy and ecstasy of someone free to indulge in a joy they never thought they would have again. It's a shredder.

Colin Stetson - "The End" The First 

If there is anything that will get me to watch HULU original programming with Sean Penn, it's a score by Colin Stetson. Sending his characteristic baritone saxophone through a jet-engine centrifuge of effects, these heroic lines are perfect accompaniment for what could be easily a John Williams style strings in a less forward thinking role. There is a bit of that - it wouldn't be a television mini-epic if there wasn't - but that first blast of Stetson ripping through sheet metal with his saxophone is pretty chilling. 

October 3rd, 2018