Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 040

For Tome's 40th podcast we dig into the quiet and moving ambience of Christopher Whitely, Less Bells and Max Ananyev, dig deep within ourselves with a new track by WIZARD APPRENTICE, explore some incredible musicians coming out of Indonesia's experimental tape label Hasana Editions and hear new work from an old friend Babe, Terror.

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Christopher Whitley - "Deeper Sleeper" Heavy Sleepers (Patient Sounds, Intl.)

The San Francisco-now-Austin based violinist has created a beautifully processed, thoroughly thought through and composed cassette on Patient Sounds, Intl. "Deeper Sleeper" is a deeply moving, pulsing track that pushes mountains of digital air from noise-floor to cresting peak, creating stunning, beautifully augmented ascents and descents.

Less Bells - "Forest Ghosts" Solifuge (Kranky)

Julie Carpenter is from Joshua Tree, CA. From an album inspired by the location, one could expect a cold, austere soundscape seemingly created from and for the void of the desert. That would be playing into the stereotypes of desert life - which for all of its hardships - practically teems with all sorts of weird creatures. "Forest Ghosts" is busy. Full of lush, swelling cellos, various forms of percussion, plucked violin and an ear for the expansive, Solifuge is a perfect desert record. 

Yuto Ohashi - "Weltkarte" Juvenile - Insubstantial, re-present (Cudighi Records)

Yuto Ohashi's creates delicate melodies are perfect for those in-between hours of twilight and dawn where it feels like you are interacting with the world with oven mitts on. Simple, twinkling melodies are drawn from somewhere within that world. Nocturnal and vague, but just clear enough to make out their shape.

Anthené - "Reactionary" Reflections in Dust (Muzan Editions)

The meeting of Polar Seas Recordings currator Bradley Sean Alexander Deschamps and Muzan Editions seemed like an inevitability. Both labels are exceptional collectors and champions of modern ambient music with the ability to pull from the cream of the crop of collaborators that have staked a place well above the swelling morass of bandcamp wanks. Anthené's stately and chilly compositions are a testament to both parties deep listening and ear for the sublime.

Wizard Apprentice - "A Debt" I am Invisible (Ratskin Records)

On "A Debt" the Bay Area Digtial Folk-Musician offers a hymn for those who have hurt others and are grappling with accountability, personal growth at the expense of others' trauma and balancing the need for space and kindness to oneself. The deeply innovative artist's use of accessible technology to create genre-bending tracks that brim with thoughtful expression and reflection is a beacon of hope for the rest of us.

Nursalim Yadi Anugerah - "Tiling Mang "ii" Do" Selected Pieces from HNNUNG (Hasana Editions)

A totally unexpected email in my inbox was a door to an exciting world of Indonesian experimental music via the excellently curated tape label Hasana Editions. Selected Pieces from HNNUNG is described as "adapted from Kayaan people oral literature Takna’ Lawe’, HNNUNG is a chamber opera that amplifies the cosmic dramaturgy of Kayaan culture—in which the narrative of matriarchy is essential. HNNUNG the opera was performed by Balaan Tumaan Ensemble and Kerubim Choir using various instruments ranging from kaldii’ and sape’ to tenor saxophone and contrabass."

Julian Abraham Togar - "Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed (Percussion) 4" Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed (Hasana Editions) 

From Medan, Indonesia, Julian Abraham's composition Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed is described as, "Executed into two different materials: a various selection of percussion instruments that deliver organic impression, and a bunch of magnetic solenoids which construct a tighter mechanical sensation, Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed illustrates how simplicity (or complexity?) of repetition can trigger imaginative experiences in tracing the formal aspects of sound."

African Ghost Valley - "Campfires" UNT (Nullzone)

Collaborators Childle Graingier and Gabriel Ghebrezghi's lateset on Nullzone is a sweaty, humid curation of heavily pawed keyboards and thick, quick stabs of electronics pushing tonal extremes in multiple directions. The Canadian/European duo has been at this for sometime, perfecting their "in the room" closeness of recording.

Babe, Terror - "Computer" Fadechase Marathon 2018 (Glue Moon)

I am so happy to hear new work by the Brazlian artist Babe, Terror. Babe, Terror was a staple in my 2008-2012 weird early bandcamp/CD-R finds. Woozy, chopped and heavily edited compositions made up of piano loops, field recordings and wavy vocals. These hard restart edits on "Computer" make it a song that sounds like it is fading in and out of conciousness. Truly "a monument for people in need of a major trip."

Two Hands | One Engine - "Vainglorious" Dawning

Out of St. Louis, MO Two Hands | One Engine creates guitar compositions that straddle ambient long-players and disquieting soundscapes run through a bevy of pedals and arranged as decayed melodies and monuments to past selves. "Vainglorious" bends volume-swells and the decaying fabric of guitar's fidelity to tone around each other as a shawl warding off impending material coldness of death.

Max Ananyev - "Dew Empire" Water Atlas (Serein Records)

"Water Atlas". An interesting pairing of words from the St. Petersburg Russia based artist. Water is inherently transient. Constantly changing it's form, or flowing through time. "You can't stand in the same river twice". While an atlas is the collected wisdom of fixed points. It thrives off of replication and consistency. These two contradictions meet in Ananyev's structural underpinnings punctuated with the free-association of musical ideas and motifs that flow unaided. 

Maher Shalal Hash Baz / Little Wings - "Switch Back / Arco Iris" Split 12" (Moone Records)

What a brilliant pairing of two lifers who are still putting out completely engaging and prescient music. Two breezy, yet introspective session-type songs that pull together enough ennui and wonder to fill a dozen journal pages. A wonderful bandwith expanding exercise in nestling into sound.

September 17th, 2018