Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 039

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Nick Malkin - "Slow Day I" Slow Day on Brilliant Drive (Geographic North)

Nick Malkin (who also works under the name Afterhours and with LA Vampires) has created an endlessly listenable approach to ambient music that includes a full-band working through some of these gorgeous arrangements via piano, percussion, strings and textured drones with Malkin's heavy editing, cutting and pasting to create arrangements that that teeter between between beauty and unease. 

MAbh - "Narmer in Analogue" Cinjusti (Tymbal)

In one of the most immediately engaging ambient tapes of this year. MAbH is the UK based artist Peter Taylor. In a seemingly bottomless bag of tricks, Taylor pulls out all the stops to create an album of maximum beauty with minimal inputs. It's got everything: Disembodied Julianna Barwick vocals, disembodied percussion, bells ringing through a thousand empty rooms. Great find. 

German Army - "The Hindu Kush" Mangas Coloradas (Muzan Editions)

The ever prolific Germany Army have never sounded so...triumphant. Which is kind of a weird adjective to use next to an artist called German Army. But regardless, these syth lines are some of the most uplifting, celebratory and downright involuntarily smile-inducing sounds I've heard in quite awhile. Do yourself a favor and grip this before they are gone on Muzan Editions. 

UTON - "Aaivistas" PA-LUU VAl-OON (Nullzone)

Based out of Turku, Finland UTON's latest collection of massaged tonal passages under the influence of occult percussive techniques and gnostic revelations regarding the ritualistic unlocking of chemical combinations in the brain has found a natural home on Nullzone - another label showing amazing curatorial depth and vision.

More Eaze - "Pardon" a l4ngu4g3 (Tymbal Tapes)

How does one approach More Eaze's music? Seemingly resistant to classification as sounds whiplash in around each other creating boundless space where all sources are fair game and distinction between high and low brow art, musical vs. non-musical sounds are erased. Yet, at service to the superstructure of the composition, everything moves as it should, following a linear path to it's logical conclusion. Maybe it wasn't about the destination, but about all the friends we made along the way.

Sabriel's Orb - "Holding" Sabriel's Orb / John Atkinson split (Whited Sepulchre Records)

Willow Skye-Biggs has spent the last decade exploring the intersections of identity and ritual through her ambient, experimental and techno projects. Most notably, she created soaring, beat-oriented experimental-pop under the name Stag Hare and bedroom techhouse under the moniker ariel. For this latest project, Willow has taken on Sabriel's Orb to dress her pulsing longform ambient pieces with an audible glow that shines like a naked bulb under several thick blankets. Warm washes of synths float over these faintly surging arpeggios. It's worth losing an afternoon in.

AMULETs - "Illusions of Light" Future Fog (Muzan Editions)

AMULETS' Randall Taylor is a workhorse. Creating beautiful ambient passages out of an array of tape loops, pedals and guitar, Taylor's project has created a niche in the oversaturated market of longform ambient pieces by consistency of beautiful and understated work, engaging with other creatives through his tape loop workshops and videos his ability to wring out the fullest sound out of a decaying, warbled note. 

Grizzly Prospector - "iii" Garden Varieties (or songs for loren Connors)

In these hushed dedications to Loren Mazzacane Connor's indellible guitar work, the SLC-based musician has created an auditory passage into the sacred space that the airy, finger-picked conjur as soon as skin touches metal. It's a beautiful collection of reworkings, jumping off points and anchored movements.

The Green Kingdom - "Dorado" Seen and Unseen (Sound in Silence)

"Cottone skillfully blends together soothing electric guitar swells, lush textures of warm synth pads, rich harmonic drones and subtle glitches with acoustic elements of delicate piano, ringing acoustic guitar arpeggios, relaxed kalimba melodies and lightly strummed ukulele chords, resulting in one of his finest works to date." Sounding simiar to Eluvium at his most dreamy and sedated, The Green Kingdom has created an endlessly listenable record. 

Drowse & Jesse Keating "The Fog Storm Pt. I (Fog in Air)" The Fog Storm 

"This installation showcases four found objects that have been re-engineered into interactive sculptural instruments. The artists use these objects to create sounds and explore their natural surroundings. All music has been created by the artists and was recorded in Skagaströnd using the sculptures, a field recorder, and the computer. Video projections recorded while at living NES Artist Residency around certain regions of desolate Northern Iceland. Fog Storm plays with tangible and digital deconstruction of the natural world in the Anthropocene. "

Mamaleek - "Sicarii" Out of Time (The Flenser)

Mamaleek have created a mythos and mystique not only around who is in the band, but the seemingly endless canon of sounds they draw inspiration from. Turkish concerts, advertisements for long dead products, snippets of pop songs and a hand thoroughly around the throat of the most experimental and jarring aspects of heavy music. 

September 7th, 2018