Single's Cruise 09.28.18

Gonima - "A Space That is Ours" 

The young Canadian's video for "A Space that is Ours" is an endlessly regenerative landscape triggered and mutated by Gonima's crisp, HD beats that snap from gloriously off-kilter arpeggios into tonal clusters that pop and burst from every conceivable space within the concave of studio headphones, molding and flexing the track into new shapes seemingly unshaped by human hands. Gonima's work reminds me of a more melodic and slightly less aleatoric, gonzo internal logic of Orange Milk artist and owner Seth Graham. Check out the video below which we have the pleasure of premiering. 



A heavily melodic, dreamy composition with heavy synth pulls of Boards of Canada with a hyperreal sound-sculpting of Four Tet and an ear for crafting earworm melodies. The track is full singular moments of serotonin overloads if you are predisposed to obsessing over tiny tweaks in synthesizer lines, augmented metallic clangs and birch-twig snaps of percussion,  then "Wut Do" is a giant wash of chemicals straight to the to the dome.


Cincinnati, OH is one of those cities that has a hard time retaining it's natural resources. There aren't too many artists that are defined by the city. There's no artist that bursts onto the national scene from Cincinnati and you are like, "ooooh, that makes sense." Enter Abiyah. A rare artist that whose talents and aspirations defy the humble, Midwestern, don't-make-too-much-of-a-fuss-and-we'll-all-get-along passive aggressiveness, yet remains Cinci AF. Part electro-punk dancehall crasher, part Golden Era purist, part fuckall avant-garde boundary pusher, Abiyah's new Double A-Side single "Crylike" exudes a sweaty basement show urgency, features heavily compressed bass and Abiyah's elastic flow narrating a dystopian present before launching into an anthemic chorus. it's a banger.


Loan - "Strange Paths" A Future Dubcore Trbial (I.O.T Records)

Covering quite a bit of ground in its six minute running time, "Strange Paths" moves from uneasy minimalism with haunting vocal sample that gradually builds to a hard-tech launchpad showcasing the French producer's excellent beat work. Venturing into footwork territory with sudden BPM shift, the track retains a sharp rubber band expansion and contrast that sweeps previous motifs into its gaping maw of the song's massive infrastructure.

Ben Zucker - "Iridescent Lines of Flight" 

Ben Zucker's academic and musical career dive into serious disciplines of jazz, classical and modern composition. Listening to "Iridescent Lines of Flight" on a platform like bandcamp doesn't necessarily feel like he's made this track "for us", meaning a wider musical audience: meaning us lunkheads. Rather these flights of stereo-panning chordal clusters, 4-on-the-floor beat invite us into a fully formed musical world where Zucker's ideas play themselves out in rich, pulsing expansions and heavily edited fragments stitched togehter to make one of my favorite stand alone singles I've heard all year.


On "V. Meridian" off the highly anticipated release Circadian, Ashen Swan displays a keen knack for creating a bathwater warm soundscape out of sparse, reverb-rich piano notes and throttling on an arcing guitar line that teeters on the edge of distortion and siren-song beauty. The Chicago based artist's timely and engaging track balances inherent beauty of processed tones filtered wrapped in a heavy blanket with a bonkers thread count and an aching melancholy expressed by a volume-pedal riding guitar line. It's a beaut.

Hospital - "Two Sides" Memory Waves

Cure-heavy shoegaze/post-punk from Russia sinking their hooks into a massive chorus. It's hard to listen to this and not imagine this kind of thing being played out in major arenas. A guilty pleasure with an outro that fades into pure pop shoegaze bliss with stacatto percussion and sugary sweet keys.

September 26th, 2018