Singles Cruise 09.21.18


Music Within - "Weightless"

In the mass influx of solo-piano ambient/peaceful compositions I get, rarely have I found one that actually exudes the effects of calm and peace so widely advertised as I have found with Toronto-based Rob McCallister's project Music Within. Melodies thoughtfully composed on piano and transcribed into several musical voices weave around each other with careful precision. It would be easy to call this nocturnal music - something you would listen to as a sleep aid, but rather, this is oasis music. A deep refuge from the chaos of modernity.

Bruno Sanfilippo - "InTROpassion" Remastered & Expanded

On the remastered and expanded version of Spain-based, neo-classical artist's 2006 album inTRO, Bruno Sanfilippo's compositions are given a sheen of new life by fellow artist and producer Ian Hawgood. On "InTROpassion" the Buenos Aires trained composer layers shimmering soundscapes on top of one another that sound like crashing cymbals extended and reversed over a contemplative piano melody, synthesized brass that artifacts and breaks in all the right places and vocals that haunt somewhere in this track's upper mezzanine.

Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls - "Hairdresser" 

The cavity-sweet melodies of the Stockholm Sweden based band are buried under enough reverb and lo-fi sheen to create a woozy, golden aural glow over the heavy bass lines and shoegaze laden effects over the guitar and keys to fill an every inch of a room with sound being pushed just into the red. There is an unnamed nostalgic quality to these tracks that works with the auditory conceit: creating layers and layers of sound growing away from its source.

Cinnamon Shops - "While Washing My Face"

A woozy, keyed-up experimental electronic composition that filters bells, upper register synths, various sounds of organic percussion, caddywhompus beats through the interface of a self-aware synthesizer being crushed under the weight of its own existence. All of these things and more on the new single by the Kalamazoo, MI artist.

SEO - "Ex Machina" 

A wonderfully strange and sultry track by this anonymous Lagos, Nigerian based experimental artist. The tracks starts with what sounds like the mechanical whirring of insects wings massaged into a halting, jittery drone, it is then paired with transient percussion and skittering high hats buried low in the mix. The track's late night vibe is pulled together by a female vocalist whose lyrics of pondering the detachment of her love-object, seeming to match the anonymous presentation and scant data online about this mysterious producer.

September 21st, 2018