Singles Cruise 09.10.18

Rhian Sheehan - "Soma Dreams" A Quiet Divide (Darla Records)

"Soma Dreams" is a stately and grandiose opening salvo from the New Zealand based artist's newest album A Quiet Divide. It is a slow-build to a quiet roar, blurring the already hazy demarcations between post-classical, electronic music and post-rock. Stirring melodies that start off as sketches become full-fleshed arrangements when joined by a string section, electronic percussion and gentle washes of synth. RIYL: Hammock, the Album Leaf, Haiku Salut.

Todd Tobias and Chloë March  -  "Ma Leila Lulla" Amialluma (Hidden Shoal)

One time Robert Pollard collaborator and Ohio-based soundscape designer of bright acoustic instrumentation and brooding, droning tones, Todd Tobias and UK vocalist/collaborator Chloë March pull down a sense of mysterious calm on their first single from their collaborative record. It's easy to imagine these tracks unfurling like morning fog across a heavily wooded valley. The uneasy drone and ebullient acoustic guitar settling in among the nestles and leaves of trees in that low place.

Torpa - "nostalgia phaze" nostalgia phaze

The UK-based duo's carefully crafted love-letter to their Kraut forebears is a beautiful, late night throb of a track. It builds and pulls itself apart, smears a gorgeous Stereolab synth line across a repeating melodic lines and crystalline sounds bleeding in from the periphery. 

fixture. "Meh" 

Buried acoustic guitars underneath skittering beats and pitch-shifted synth lines that unfurl and contract in time with the salty ocean's breath are just the appendages to the undergirding of this track. The moving spirit at the center of "meh" is a steady sinking into the floor after an all-input attack on the stimulus-response network. A rainy day, put this on repeat, shirking of all adult responsibilities. 

Our Fastest Typist - "Ctrl + Z" Group Therapy for Imaginary Monsters

When you are settling into sleep and are suddenly strapped to a chair a la A Clockwork Orange and forced to watch your Top 10 awkward moments, social failures and times when we really knew we should have shut the fuck up but kept talking anyway on a steady film loop, "Ctrl + Z" could be the soundtrack to that. "Ctrl + Z" is a fuzzed-out, overdriven bedroom-pop jam that enumerates the paralyzing ennui that accompanies forced public interaction in the whip-smart, keenly melodic vein of Car Seat Headrest and Guided by Voices.

Slow Glows - "Purple" 79 Moons (Rose Hill Records)

Each track on the Cincinnati-based Shoegaze band's EP exists in a self-contained universe of heavily augmented guitars, overdriven bass, distant cannon shot of percussion and the whisper-to-a-shout glossolalia of Kelli Redding's vocals. At every pass it gets easier to sink into the bathwater warm textures buried under blankets of reverb and to begin the subtle erasure between oneself and the sound. A soft, sluffing-off of a layer of awareness like pre-coffee mornings watching the gradations of changing light through bare trees. 

September 10th, 2018