Singles Cruise 09.03.18

Silica Angel – “Faustian Botany”

Evan-Daniel Rose-Gonzalez – experimental electronic artist and former student of Pauline Oliveros – takes the listener through a disjointed and fragmentary composition with sounds and ideas living next to each other like apartment dwellers in a large, rundown unit. While most of these sounds depend on interconnectivity – the bouncing and pinging of jarring percussion off of brilliantly mutated source material folded into an impossible origami of multi-dimensional sound – they also live quite independent lives. Existing by themselves in a great frieze of exploratory sound.

Dip Sound - "Mars"

Whenever I see the tag - chillout/ambient - this is what I expect. I expect to hear the hard kick muted and filtered through the thick walls of some 4am roped off upper club space, BPM slowed to a codeine crawl and ample waves of thick, syrupy synths overtaking the speakers like viscous liquid leaking through. And, praise be, that's what I got in this ambient/chillout track from the Turkish artist Dip Sound. Come take a peek. Vibe's right.

CEO Dreams - "Credits" Played out on Rooftops 

Imposing, silent, omniscient, phallic. Rooftops are both the setting and narrator for CEO Dreams latest collection of nocturnal downtempo electronic music. Inspired by the dominating position rooftops have in Hong Kong Cinema, CEO Dreams play out the soundtrack of the mundane and deviant acts that rooftops preside over as silent authorities. 

Minco Eggersman, Theodore Borger feat. Mathias Eick - "Hunt" Unifony 

The Dutch duo of Minco Eggersman and Theodore Borger create a lush, monochromatic environment of sparse percussion and resonant thick piano in which Norwegian trumpeter Mathias Eick's finds space to fill with his melodic, full-throated lines of exquisite mourning. An unexpected but necessary collaboration that bridges the gap between neoclassical and avante-garde jazz.

Walter Mmari - "Forgive Us" 

It's really wonderful to be exposed to such beautiful and restrained instrumental music from South Africa. Having made some very close friends there after living in Swaziland for two years, I often wondered where these artists were hiding given the rich and diverse musical output coming out of that country. Walter Mmari's track "Forgive Us" centers around a stereo-panned acoustic guitar melody that is joined by aching strings and shimmering synth chords. The track unfolds and winds a course that is inherently emotional in its narrative trajectory. Wonderful stuff. 

Miserable.Noise.Club - "Together + Never = Sleepless + Forever" Frost Confinement

The Charlottesville, NC based, internationally dispersed collaborative of miserable noise artists have created a track here that straddles the line between "miserable" and "noise" while creating something quite stirring without landing too far in either one of those camps. What starts off as a digitally manipulated sound of a timestretched truck's horn blaring underwater later tracks onto bowing tones of a harmonium and a plaintive guitar melody that emerge from below and ride that all-enveloping sine wave into a gorgeously manicured sunset. 

Psychic Rites - "Unwarranted Advice" Cult_Memo (Waxploitation) 

Dancing to our own demise, swallowing lukewarm beer at some basement living room show at a DIY space/irresponsible renter that won't exist in 2 months time well past the age when we should be settling into a career. What better way to dance towards a blackout then cranking up the doom to 11 to a coldwave track that feels just as wretched and detached from the swarm of 20-somethings around you. If it feels transitory it is. Until you ask the lifer  observing all of this from the back of the room. Psychic Rites wring every molecule of this kind of stubborn detachment from unfettered joy by repositioning this feeling as a vital act of survival. Dancing against the void.

Alonewolf - "Sentient Dreams" Dreamers 

Less lone-wolf of right wing propaganda, and rather a wolf, wandering alone in some dystopian, apocalyptic, post-cyber, post-civilization landscape perpetually Eastern Bloc grey. This is the soundtrack before the collapse. A synthwave rollercoaster of nostalgic hedonism. Aware that nothing can stop the collapse. We dance to stop from crying. 

September 3rd, 2018