Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 038

On this latest episode of the Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast we dig deep into two collaborative projects with individuals with M. first names, some beautiful ambient/field recordings by John Atkinson, bonkers future music by woopheadclrms and 21st Century Wolf, RIPPING free-jazz by Barker Trio and scary industrial punk from Denver's Echo Beds. 

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m. crook + oxherding - "soft moon" soft moon (distant bloom)

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this tape. First, is it brings together two Midwestern droners who send their ambient soundscapes across the wide misery of Missouri through a gradual enveloping cumulus take-over of a humid afternoon. Matthew Crook (of Nevada Greene and the Columbia Experimental Music Festival) and Fitz Hartwig (Oxherding) have spent the last few years digging out niches in their respective cities (Columbia and St. Louis) where thoughtful, placid sounds - thick with resonance and shimmering swells - are able to root themselves. Second, it is the first tape on Hartwig's new label Distant Bloom which has already put out one of my favorite releases of this year

Lake Mary & M. Sage - "Boat Prow Cub" Lupine Deluxe (Patient Sounds, Intl.)

In the second of Lycanthian themed releases by Lake Mary (CoMo) and Matthew Sage (Chicago and Patient Sounds CEO) meet together in a basement armed with guitars, harmonium and keyboard and search the dusty corners of their musical and shared geogpraphical  histories to conjur passages evocative of the American West in both the steel-jawed, finger-picked guitar lines and the swirling, limitless keyboard sounds that conjur a limitless horizon of the mind. False horizons on the frontier of human expansion.

John Atkinson - "First Rain of the New Year" John Atkinson / Sabriel's Orb (Whited Sepulchre Records)

John Atkinson (formerly of Aa) is putting out his first proper new music in quite some time. It is a meditative suite of ambient passages and field recordings taken from his new home in Melbourne, Australia. These elipitcal passages explore a broad range of tonal frequencies sourced both from the natural environment and his recording equipment. Atkinson shares the split with Sabriel's Orb - a new project by Willow Skye-Biggs FKA Stag Hare

Hibernis - "Hibernis Bells" So What (Serein Records)

A brilliant trip through a modular synth wonderland with augmented vocals haunting in from some purer and weirder dimension than ours. Comprised of John Hughes and Lindsay Anderson, the duo create a liminal space between human tinkering and machine learning. A labrynth burned into our brains.  

woopheadclrms - "Fill" vs o.t.O.g.l. (Genot Centre)

After putting out one of last year's densest, smartest and funniest records the artist known as woopheadclrms returns to form with their latest on Genot Centre. A busy, violent and often moving and beautiful journey through non-linear and unreliable narration with enough internally logical but non-sensible twists and turns to garner comparisons as the Plunderphonics' House of Leaves. It's music that is impossible to take in in a sitting. Enjoyable and occasionally disturbing auditory easter eggs abound.

Sungod - "Birth & Speed Merging" Wave Refraction (Holodeck)

While much of Sungod's excellent new album on Holodeck careens through a familiar bevy of arp-led kraut-jazz longplayers like a highway straight into the cornea of the sun. On "Birth and Speed Merging" we get to eavesdrop on a conversation between husband and wife Michael C. Sharp on drums and Kristine Reaume on flute, this sort of musical conversing can only happen between two individuals deeply entrenched in each others' worlds. It's an impressive cut and one that highlights the level of musicianship at work throughout the album. 

Barker Trio - "Ageist" Avert Your I (Astral Spirits)

Buh-roooooo. This new Barker Trio album RIPS! Comprised of power-trio Andrew Barker, Michael Foster and Tim Dahl. "Ageist" completely melts the face off of anything within a mile radius of it. When it hits its stride with Dahl's deeply distorted bass, Foster's upper-register shred and Barker's use of every available square inch of solid surface it is heavier than most things you could consider "discordant" or "free" while still maintaining a cohesive, rhythmic center that holds tight to the wild energies contained within.

Echo Beds - "Buried Language" Buried Language (The Flenser)

So happy to see these people land on their feet after being swept into the hang-a-closed-sign-on-the-universe deletion of Rhinoceropolis in Denver, CO. With a triumphant "what up world" release on The Flenser, the Denver duo take their rhythm-heavy, dystopic industrial punk to a wider audience. Infecting more an dmore with the radical notions of anything/all is sound and anything/all is fragile and will break and decay.

21st Century Wolf - "City" City Zen (Genot Centre)

As a comedown and prelude to the coda, this new tape off from the mysterious 21st Century Wolf on Genot Centre is a worthy contender to their stunning Gen Nova on Noumenal Loom it's a walk through of a future spa. A combination of 90's pastels and half-columns with the ridgeless fluidity of A.I's imagined alien future.

Lake Mary - "Goya" Koda (Eilean Records)

It's hard to describe why I love this opening song to Lake Mary's second release for Eilean Records so much. With all of the heroic phrasings and virtousity Chaz Prymek has brought to the acoustic guitar (and Koda is full of those) Goya is a relatively simple and muted opening salvo that utilizes the human voice - a rarity in Lake Mary recordings. But there it is. A beautiful babbling brook. Eventually it will become a mighty river. But right now it's chill being small.

August 20th, 2018