Singles Cruise 08.27.18

Helios – “Seeming” Veriditas (Ghostly Intl.)

On Keith Kenniff’s latest resurrection of his ambient project Helios – and first on Ghostly – Kenniff sends his lovingly constructed swelling tones arcing out into the ether. These melodic pulls have narrative arcs of their own, with all the building, reaching and dying that mirrors our own fate. Top-notch stuff here.

Alexandra Streliski – “Changing Winds” INSCAPE (Secret City)

As the seasons begin to change I am sure I will find myself drifting back to this gorgeous and melancholy slice of solo piano. The Montreal-based composer has crafted a vulnerable modern composition that hardly feels naked. While it’s melodies swirl there is a natural resonance that hangs in the air just a few enough to be perceptible after the fingers leave the keys, wrapping the whole arrangement in an audible glow.

Giuliano Poles – “Sharp” Gone ep

The second solo piano composition for this week. The Italian composer hangs quite a bit of weight on the deep counter-melodies of this contemplative piece. The melodies move as a single unit comprised of several pieces, like a super tanker cutting through the Mid-Atlantic.

Marcel Heah – “Versailles”

“Versailles” by Malaysian composer and pianist Marcel Heah is a cascading and inward-turning piece that is full of false summits and turns back on itself- an always present embodiment of where it’s been, where it is and the inevitable repetition of the pattern. The narrative arc that Heah has given this track is one of deep nostalgia – a protagonist replaying patterns in their life that continue to bear out in present day challenges.

Bels Lontano – “Orchard” Kin Decade

In a sunlit and ascending track, Bels Lontano, subverts the expected role of the bass line of an electronic song to the ever-locked in, train-to-euphoria to a chopped and difficult to pin down spectre that haunts this track. Transitory beauty abounds here. The one constant being however, a gorgeous pitch-shifted melodic line that floats and hangs in the air above the busy percussion work and floating synths.

Stayhomie – “Happy Today, Sad Tomorrow” year of no answers (ezhevika)

Russian electronic artist, Stayhomie, has created a beautiful patchwork of pitch-shifted vocal samples over drifting synths and skittering drum patterns from a Roland 808. Matching the mellowhigh of an golden afternoon of late summer, this track is an immediately transporting vessel to some place more instagrammable than where you are right now.

Eugenius - "Obsolete" Of Age (Self-Released)

On his latest album, Cincinnati-based artist Eugenius offers up hymns of disenfranchisement from an adulthood nailed to a cross. A feeling that at this point, those shaky pangs of having too much to say and an omnivorous listening habit that pulls you in so many directions will ever go away. For Eugenius, these questions fuel some of the most mentally excoriating, ego-laid-bare lines on album that faces down those questions with some resolution. We aren't 21 anymore. No time left to wallow in the romance of unanswered questions. Eugenius finds answers in the satisfying crack of a bat against the bricks of systemic oppression, the head of a local-area rapist gone free and, conversely but just as importantly, the companionship of 10 years of marriage. This is called adulting. 

Deru – “Torn in Two” Torn in Two (Friends of Friends)

The first single off of Deru’s new album Torn in Two is a terrifying and cleansing piece of work that builds and expands on the tension between violence and beauty on Benjamin Wynn’s 2014 masterpiece 1979. Tonal shifts recorded from brass and woodwind instruments are processed and turned into truly menacing sounds that sound impossibly huge. A bleak soundscape, a beating heart and the bleeding edge between terror and wonder.

Ian Battenfield Headley – “Passage #2”

Stereophonic field recordings are arranged in ways that don’t necessarily lend themselves to narrative analysis, but are also curiously placed enough to beg the question. Trains, church organs, processed rain sounds and metal-on-metal are woven together to create a symphony of disconnected but unified sounds.

August 27th, 2018