Singles Cruise: 08.17

Mari Sainio "mountains" 

The Finnish composer Mari Sainio exists between worlds of grand pulls of orchestrated movements for piano and string and electronic compositions that create rich soundscapes that these compositions are bound to as companions. It's not surprising that Sainio has a foot in the composition world for film and television. Her songs seem to inherently track some quiet revelation about one's life - with or without visual accompaniment.

jesse woolston - "what once was" variations vol.1 

Our second track shared by Jesse Woolston is a haunting, tension-filled passage for organ, voice and strings. Grandiose blasts of organ punctuate the cicada buzzing of strings and disembodied vocals that create a nervous noise-floor. Organ lines punch through like a fist through balsa wood - although a much softer analogy probably exists. It's a track to be listened to at full volume - the cathedral thrum of the organ passing straight through your solar plexus. I also love this song because the waveform allows you to track this song without ever listening to a note.

Aquartos - "Sanctum"

Hailing from Ufa, Russia this lite-ambient take on what can be considered muzak - the way that Ulrich Schnauss is often lumped into that category - defies that easy lumping by delivering on some truly unexpected auditory treats that appear in lo-fi hard-panned pluck of an acoustic guitar seemingly dropped in the middle of the mix at the perfect time and multiple strands of concurrent tonal shaping and contouring happening at all times. It's a nice way to spend seven minutes working on a task requiring a fair amount of concentration and need for embellishment.  

Dreissk - "Open Spaces" Threshold (N5md)

Cruising into the open apocalypse with this bruising dark-ambient track by Dreissk. It's hard to imagine a better soundscape to exploring abandoned digital worlds - a job that Dreissk tackles in his other job of soundtracking video games. For this EP for n5md the Seattle based artist rides the edge of swelling, ominous tones, skittering industrial percussion and a sick sense of unease and dread that is difficult to shake.

Pander Sera - "Reset" Bothy

An intensely rhythmic pooling of condensed bursts of brightly colored hypnagogic pop existing in a parallel universe where bands like Aa and Fuck Buttons sold out arenas and pushed the excesses of Kraut-infused psych into the psyches of pre-teens before they tried acid for the first time. The track opens up into a dizzying and expansive birds eye view of Pander Sera's fractured musical selves merging into a single destiny transcending time and space.

Pardans - "burning house bedding"  spit and image (tambourhincerous)

Hoooly shit. These are the Danish No-Wave, Jazz-Punk saviors we've been waiting for. Formed by members of Iceage and Marching Church, this Copenhagen based quintet is all spit and viscera. Blackened eyes and James Chance contortions over a low-end rumble of a baritone sax being played out of a bleeding bass amp. Bad drugs. Bad scene. Everyone's fault. Buy this.

interlingua - "chaleyso" interlingua (villa)

Interlingua is an archaic and process-based project by Italian composer and ritualistic sound researcher Francesco Venturi. With his Interlingua project Francesco goes deep into some liminal space-time through the repetition of occult percussion and pulling sounds out of the electronic ether through analog signal processing. Those low-end rumbles and far-away drones conjure something probably best left sleeping. 

The Death Particle - "In the Empty Lungs of Dying Suns" Tangent Universe EP

Structured like particles around an atom, the players on The Death Particle are woven into and the outward expression of Harold P. Cattie's distinct musical vision. Part post-rock, part jazz ensemble, part eye-of-the-needle-threading neo-classical actualization. Hailing from North Wales, these session players weave a narrative yarn soundtracking the birth and death of a tangent universe burning out in the empty infinite space between star systems. It's a complex and compelling piece highlighting a locked in group and grand sonic architecture. 

August 17th, 2018