Singles Cruise: 08.10.18

Dean Valentine "A Thin Place" Ventricular Beats

Valentine is an in demand composer for films. His work has appeared in major Hollywood films like Dunkirk, Interstellar and The Martian. For "A Thin Place", Valentine zooms in from wide-screen grand gestures to focus on tension-release of this stirring electro-acoustic track. Focused on the piano's natural and augmented reverb, "A Thin Place" builds gradually to several points of natural tension and ebbing release. Recorded while working on the film "Tiger Raid" these moments of constricting and expanding shift our focus from the micro to macro in a seamless flow.

Neil Athale "This is Home" Oscillate EP

A moving composition that hangs on the delicate interplay between guitar and piano melodies that are braided together over swelling strings and electronic harmonics. Athale has created a momentary respite from encroaching life demands. These little acts of grace add up over time. 

Alessandro Paganelli "Cosmos" Nebula

A stirring neo-classical track from German composer Alessandro Paganelli's upcoming album Nebula out on 08.24. The track moves from grace to grace, weaving strings and piano around each other like a spinning loom. It's easy to get swept up in the grandeur, tension and resolution of this stately composition. 

Mending "Alan at Emma's Cradle" We Gathered at Wake Robin Hollow

Think of the EP We Gathered at Wake Robin Hollow: Chapter 1 as the introduction to the drone-folk equivalent of In Search of Lost Time. Mending will release a 40-hour, 40-song cycle released between the months of August 2018-December 2019. Think of Mending as a cross between Riceboy Sleeps, Hem and Marcel Proust. Gorgeous piano melodies and aching drones underscore a sweeping family drama that starts here. In Odena. We will check back in frequently.

Un.a "Aggregate" 

UN.a is a dizzyingly complex and precise Japanese duo that create tailspinning, twisting and turning neo-classical compositions that race through beautiful fragments only to stop on a dime and launch us head first into a dexterous run that leaves us out of breath and anticipating the next tempo change or complete stylistic front-flip.

Horthy Kristof "Disorder"

Heavily pawed synths and pitch-shifting drones punctuate this gorgeous track by the Hungarian experimental artist. There is a constant sense of motion that pulls this track through the needles eye of warbled, augmented ether-reality. It's a sun-warped VHS tape played backwards through a staticy TV in a stuffy house. 


summhow "carne" Crash_Reports (n5md)

A highly engaging mix of cracked, crashed electronics falling over each other like a drum machine pushed down the stairs with surging ambient tones filling in the middle-frequencies until they gather like the inky green clouds before a tornado and over take the entire track. The swirling arpeggios picking up whatever is not bolted down. Tie your belt to the radiator. It's the big one. 

Submotile "Tailspin"

I love this classic shoegaze track from the Irish band Submotile. A wonderful throwback to Ride and early Place to Bury Strangers. It's a fist-in-the-air, both feet crushing pedals type of anthem that buries itself under the weight of its own input. This isn't a sleight. The best shoegaze has strong enough melodies that are only just barely able to peek through the sheer miasma of sound being pushed from every conceivable inch of space.


Esbie Fonte "Pico & Westwood" 

Lost love lives without memories of narrative arc. It is less well-worn VHS copy of a romantic comedy burned into our brains from watching it 12 times in a row, but rather a disjointed flash of non-sequiturs that signified high endorphin rushes our body gets from experiencing novelty. Cooking dinner in tiny apartment kitchens. Dancing in alley ways. Falling asleep passenger side on long car drives. Esbie Fonte captures the way recall these fragmented scenes perfectly in her new shoegazey pop-song.

Caesar Nixon "Spaceman" Bliss (self-released)

I remember picking up Bright Eyes Collection of Songs and on the CD is this negative review of the album where the writer wondered how many of these bedroom recordings existed in the world, where when feeling sad, hopeful or distressed were dashed off after listening to Violent Femmes or Elliott Smith. We are in a completely new era where "bedroom" recordings can mean professional sounding EDM. Caesar Nixon's song "Spaceman" retains the true spirit of the bedroom recording. Hushed as if trying not to disturb housemates, audible hiss from a 4-track and still a song composed while feeling sad, hopeful and distressed. This time with a whole decade of Midwestern emo washout and revival influencing the recordings. Beautiful stuff. 

foxhole "noble scales" well kept thing  (Burnt Toast VInyl)

Louisville 90's post-hardcore was identifiable as it was hard to pin down. Somewhere between sheer brawny muscle of bands like Evergreen and Crane and the brainy and frustrated Rodan and Squirrel Bait came a distinctive sound that became a spiritual cousin to Chicago's bleaker and more eggheaded misanthropic post-punk and post-rock. The memory Jason Noble, who this track is named after, has his mitts all over this track by the Bowling Green revivalists, Foxhole. It's a heady, mathy and ultimately fist-in-the-air triumphant ode to a spirit that defined a time and place. 

August 10th, 2018