Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 036


On our latest dive into experimental music from around the world we move from the warbled and droney, to retro-futurist vamps of Ross Khmil and Forma, to Japanese psych-metal and scuzzed-out noise-rock from Baltimore. We end with a trio of cathartic pop songs and a final sweet send off into the night.

bitter fictions - "Morning bow Memorial" disagreements (shaking box music)

Devin Friesen's early morning devotional music eases us in with a simple and sturdy guitar riff that eventually bows to droning overtones and golden shafts of bent sound filtering in like morning sun through heavy curtains. 

Andreas Brandal - "Vanishing and Beginning Again" Andreas Brandal/Mike Nigro (Tandem Tapes)

On this split between the Norwegian sound artist Andreas Brandal and NYC artist and Oxtail Recordings owner and proprietor Mike Nigro, both immerse themselves in worlds where the organic and the synthesized are blended together until reality is a floating point carried away on the next sine wave.

tender crust - "ghost river 20th century (excerpt)" the earth's axis and hare (oxtail recordings)

Made up of Gretchen Korsmo, Carl Ritger and Andrew Weathers, Tender Crust is the supergroup we didn't know we needed. Close approximations and total hive-mind meltdowns are happening in spades here. Electronics, synthesizers, guitars and voice all are held in positive tension with one another, suspended in air like heavy water particles on humid days. 

Evan Miller - "290 (excerpt)" Two Places (Personal Archives)

Evan Miller, who is 1/2 of the Dayton percussion duo Neutrals, has created a lovely tape full of drawn-out and droning overtones, field recordings and non-traditional percussion that moves like a super-tanker through icey water. A conceptually rich and expertly crafted piece of music.

Ross Khmil - "Ultra Recall 1993" Suburban Lights (Hellscape)

Ross Khmil, the Kiev-based sound artist, is a retro-futurist electronic producer recreating sounds of a past he never lived through. Tron-cylces across a neon grid that is oozing and breaking down from within through a vicious malware infection. Detroit's Hellscape has captured the young musician in his element, pushing a vision of decay and pure light in a forever augmented world.

Forma - "Three-Two" Semblence (Kranky)

"It just feels...good" I'm going to side with my buddy TENTHisle here and recommend that you vibe with this. Their second for Kranky, the Brooklyn trio have created a tense, terse and laser-focused album full of pointilist beats, playful, light-dancing melodies that bob and weave through each track and sustained, droning overtones. Kranky has had an unbelievable year, this continues that winning streak. 

Qujaku - "ZyouK (exceprt)" Qujaku (So I Buried)

Take a deep breath in before appraoching this. Some of the heaviest Japanese psych/stoner metal/noise-rock I've heard in a really, really long time. Hands down one of the heaviest of the year. Take this in if you've ever fucked with Monster Magnet, Shellac, Burning Brides or Boris

Blood on the Mercy Seat - "I Love Jesus Like A Good Catholic Girl Does (excerpt)"  S/T (Sara Laughs)

Baltimore's Blood on the Mercy Seat is everything you love in a good noise band, ear splitting high end provided by some viciously out of tune strings, start and stop percussion that eventually run so many red lights that they become a whirr of metal and shards of glass a completely unhinged front person screaming empty threats into broken payphones outside of Walgreens at 3AM. Fucked and free. 

Denver May Williams - "Lost Out Here" Lost Out Here (Self-Released)

It's always great to hear new pop from premium droner braeyden jae. Everything is perfectly askew. A late-70's Nashville-burnout country strummer underneath the influence of some gorgeous tonal rock-slides, edge-riding distortion and pitter-patter electronic percussion. It's a quick, damaged masterpiece. 

Binary Marketing Show - "Daydream (I Cannot)" Short-Term Fix for a Long Term Death (Already Dead)

A crowning jewel in Already Dead's lo-fi bummer pop is Portland's Binary Marketing Show. That chorus, "I Cannot Begin to Understand" leaves me with an inexplicable lump in my throat every time. Looped vocals and electronic percussion make up the sturdy bones of this short but powerful statement of being overwhelmed, overanxious but ready to take on life with the determination of a powerlifter pulling a semi-truck by their teeth.  

Two Meters - "Left Behind" S/T EP (Very Jazzed/Frenchkiss)

Boca Raton musician Tyler Costolo in an ode to being left in the wake of a loved ones passing and trying to gather all of the unspooled effects of someone who was here and left everything but their body. It explodes in the middle of the track into a swelling burst that recontextualizes the central refrain's tiny melody into a mantra for remaining alive.

Soft Felt -"Easy" Still (Self-Released)

And we end on a nocturnal solo-piano piece by Soft Felt. It's a soft and fitting coda for this hour of music. Bye.

July 20th, 2018