Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 035

On this week's podcast we move from gorgeous looped vocals of Indira Valey and Ian William Craig, through some gorgeous neo-classical and weightless electronic music, straight into the dungeon of minimal techno, dark-ambient and emerge on the other side with an excerpt from a new Matmos tape. 

indira valey - "back i went back" no me tengas (Antiquated Future)

Indira Valey throws some 1,000 pt. spells for her latest on Antiquated Future. Valey's voice visits some otherworldly planes and returns with enough eloquence to dictate the shape and contours of some place more holy than this. 10/10 would go back. 

Ian William Craig -  "A Slight Grip, a gentle hold pt. ii" A Turn of Breath (Recital)

Following up one of the best albums of 2016, A Turn of Breath is a massive, 2xLP that centers around Ian William Craig's ability to push and loop his voice through the din of ancient voice recorders until they accrue layers of meaning at each turn. On "A Slight Grip, A Gentle Hold pt. II" this practice breaks wide open to reveal gorgeous, buzzing drones and strings set to cicada thrum. One of the year's brightest.

David Newlyn - "Ashes" Collected Fictions (Sound in Silence)

A relatively subdued and forlorn solo piano piece on a wildly eclectic (for this genre) album. The rest of the album moves from Odd Nosdam-style low key beats to proper ambient music, settling a bit in the middle with this field-recording sounding piece plunked out on some forgotten piano collecting dust in some pre-war home.

ben rath - "innate value" anything is possible (sound in silence)

The second record to be featured in Sound in Silence's wonderful batch of UK ambient artists. The multi-instrumentalist pulls in some beautifully sepia-tinged elongated lines that fade out a bit at the corners. All the saturation pooling in the middle of a gorgeous note bent across a noise floor of golden tones. 

Lori Scacco - "Strange Cities" Desire Loop (Mysteries of the Deep) 

A floating, almost effortless ease overlays these tracks by the NYC artist. They are at once, dense molecules of multi-layered sounds, gurgling arpeggios and fractal beats as well weightless vehicles - jet-streams that take you through the track, your day, with minimal friction and total pleasure-center hitting casino slot machine. 

Topdown Dialectic - "A4" Topdown Dialectic (Peak Oil)

Obscure, obtuse and non-existent outside of the self-contained universe of this record doesn't even begin to describe the mystery shrouded in this collection of grainy, groundwire minimal techno. For what it is, as an artifact outside of culture or scene, is a truly lovely and strange collection of uneasy beats and an uncanny ability to manufacture earworms that have no right existing in such an outre record.

DunJIN - "The Tragedy, "Man"" The Conquerer Worm (Self-Released)

Brooding and melodic dark-ambient by this Stockton on Tees, UK based artist. The atmosphere on here breathes heavy with tomb-dust and dank, dripping water. Above all this doom and gloom, however, is are sustaining melodies that appear as fleeting apparition in the bible-black gloom.

1/2H 1/2W - "The Night Quarry" Black Pelvic Fluids (Bezirk Tapes)

Holy moly this album gets super heavy. The Latvian group moves from subdued but menacing tracks like "The Night Quarry" to blistering noise-jazz to black metal rampages that make up the group's debut on Tristan Bath's label Bezirk tapes. A lovely mid-year find of a band pushing some extreme sonic boundaries but still remaining tuneful and subdued enough to land on this podcast. Can't recommend this album enough. 

Matmos - On the Radio at Southend-On-Sea (excerpt) (Timesuck)

"In 2015 we were invited to make music in an old manor house in a park in Southend-on-Sea in the English district of Essex. During our time in Chalkwell Hall a local radioteur came visiting and asked us to perform on his show, “Ship Full of Bombs” named after a local seamark. This recording is the result Some of the peacocks were recorded live, some were pre-recorded. They lived outside our studio window." Debut tape from our friends over at Timesuck. New Matmos material. Peacocks. It's a winning trifecta.

July 9th, 2018