Singles Cruise 07.30.18

ocoeur - "Embers" inner (n5md)

The French composer's latest for the always-trusted label N5MD is a cerebral journey through a tonally shifting landscape that moves from surging drones and placid ambient tones to low-end shaking sub-bass that accumulates sound so gradually that it is hard to remember that this leaden heaviness wasn't always part of the songs superstructure. Highly recommended if you FW dark ambient, SURVIVE, Denovali records.

blair ellair "attn.:" dist. (self-released)

Gentle ripples of synths that have just enough warble and vibrato to sound as if they were coming from a Church organ from some Minneapolis inner-ring forgotten Methodist church. The pastor's kid finding god in Eno and Budd sits down and lets those sustained notes rattle off the formica countertops, waxed wooden pews and right past the Lord's impassive ears.

simon pianta "pinky pops" gradations (rejan records)

The last song on Pianta's exploratory solo alto saxophone record is an irresistible arrangement of looped passages and languid, soothing improvisations through a variety of guitar pedals. The Melbourne-based artist has crafted something of great beauty and an easy entry point to some of the greats to explore modulation, phrasing and layered lines.

unhappybirthday - "sou" schaum (tapate records)

It's been sometime since being smitten by the German trio's 2015 album that came out on Night People. Time has sanded the edges a bit, boosted the fidelity and filled out the band's nervous, jangly sensibilities to a much more polished and sophisticated exploration of urbane post-punk of the 80's - referencing touchstones such as The Blue Nile, Japan and Berlin. "Sou" comes replete with a narcotic hooks that create an atomosphere of wonder and unease.

Listen here.

dismal thinkings - "modesto" blanketfort (self-released)

Perennially bummed and overly caffeinated, this young Seattle trio has crafted a downcast minor-chord banger drawing cues from the linear focus and ear for melody of Duster - a band that I would love to see more invoked - and the maudlin atmospherics of another favorite Seattle band Red Star Theory. It's a promising start from some art school kids from Rat City. 

July 30th, 2018