Singles Cruise 07.13.18

Daniel O'Sullivan - "Retun The Heart" The Physic Garden (EMI)

Daniel O'Sullivan is most notably recognized for his work with uncomporomising experimental acts Guapo, Ulver and his work with Sunn O))). For his latest album, the beloved EMI tapped him to compose "pocket symphonies" - a call back to "library music" used as background music for television and film. For this first single from that project O'Sullivan pairs traditional folk arrangements with a driving arrangement and and a saxophone that wouldn't be out of character in a police procedural. It's a buoyant and compressed slice of elevated muzak.

no-ke - "departures"

A quiet cinematic journey by this Australian mult-instrumentalist. Tension filled strings keep a sustained cicada-hum beneath delicate piano lines that create deep craters in the emotional landscape of this track. This minimalism underscores the later intertwining of the piano and violin through an ascending, resonant passage.

Mōbe - "Première" Think About What You Love

The French ambient artist has created a warm upward draft of a song. A wind-at-the-back trajectory of pulsing bass lines, atmospheric synth-washes that cast the entire track in a soft blue light. Contemplative and early-morning tea soothing. 

byzantine - "husk" lobotomy

Byzantine's compositions always feel like they are going to burst apart at the seams, spilling thousands of good ideas like ribbons across the floor. It is the way the young producer jam-packs these songs with lines that take hairpin turns within a few breaths of the next idea that make Byzantine a name to look out for.

blank - "leans in technicolor" it's torso smears right as (not art)

Jenny Hval and Autre Ne Veut collaborator, Blank is another artist harnassing a seeming lifetime of good ideas, packing them within close proximity to each other and then composing a track that has movement and inexplicable flow. Blank is a shephard first and foremost, allowing beats, disembodied vocals and an idiosyncratic sense of timing explore their own sonic space while in service to the songs greater whole.

Tuvaband - "Wolfpack"

It's hard not to be immediately drawn in by Tuva Hellum Marschhauser's wounded but resilient, vibrato-rich voice. In a sparse track under-girded by guitar and droning strings, she still finds space to weave in and out of the song's atmospheric low-level cloud covering drawing favorable comparisons to Cocteau Twins Elizabeth Frazier. Cozy on up.

Sundaes - "Laundry Day" 

The spiritual progeny of Lambchop, Yo La Tengo and Tindersticks, the Nashville-based band gleans magic and meaning out of perfunctory domestic responsibilities. The track eventually builds from a fragile construction of voice and guitar into a roaring, cathartic chorus that elevates creative loafing into closely held mantras.


indigo de souza - "good heart" i love my mom (sub-fi)

Towards the last 3/4 of this song, where the percussion begins its galloping rhythm and De Souza begins enumerating the tiny anxieties that make us feel like major chasms between how we see ourselves and how we believe others see us - I felt that. It's a powerful, cathartic, linear build towards a sweet angst that doesn't subside when you turn 30. RIYL: Earth of Foxes, Corey Flood, Swearin'


bound - "weathering" no beyond (diehard skeleton)

Slowly wandering into shoegaze/post-rock solitude, the Washington D.C quartet create an unfurling, slowburn of a track that seems to exist and breathe in a perennial autumn evening walk home with heavy thoughts on the mind. The second half of this song is a crushing, brooding shoegaze anthem that refuses to loosen its grip.

Useless Cities - "A Little Too Obtuse"

Shoegaze/post-punk under the deepest shade of blue. Conjuring Funeral Party Records in the form of Soft Kill or Blessure Grave, the UK quartet creates a quiet storm of brooding bass lines, delicate piano lines and gorgeous male/female vocals. 

July 13th, 2018