Singles Cruise 07.02.18

Sonia Calico - "Desert Trance" 

Last year I was exposed to so much forward thinking music coming out of Asia via Lafidiki's tastemaking Chinabot album. The Taipei, Taiwan based Sonia Calico is on a similar trajectory of exposing the broader world to regional electronic scenes with curatorial distinction. Calico creates a fierce mash up of old-school trance, grime and trap that sounds incredibly future-oriented while studied in deep 90's electronica.

The Bodies Obtained - "Such and Such" Breakneck and Jubilee

While the oblique Joy Division reference of their band name may lead you to suspect a more brash post-punk affair, "Such and Such" from their new album Breakneck and Jubilee is downtempo shuffle through arpeggiated synth lines and shrapnel laden guitar riffs falling after each other in a syncopated, hypnotic rhythm. The Detroit duo have created a beautiful and mysterious palate of dark blues and purples.

picnics at his adamah! "lots of happiness will come to you" 

Picnics at his Adamah! is the project of a father and musician living in Hiroshima, Japan. The output is a lovingly crafted post-rock/emo-revival that fits somewhere between Bluebeard, The One AM Radio and Ides of Space. It's a surprisingly warm and beautiful slice of idiosyncratic lovelorness. 

El ten eleven - "you are enough" banker's hill (topshelf)

It's hard to mention the evolution of post-rock or math rock within the last 10 + years and not find yourself winding your way back to the LA duo. Comprised of drums, electronics and double necked guitar wizardry, El Ten Eleven have been playing hypnotic looped music that brings the genre up to the brink of explosive exuberance and then throttles back to reveal gorgeous textures and ambient passages replete throughout - all within the same song. "You Are Enough" certainly inhabits these peaks and valleys of late-era El Ten Eleven impressively. 


Polar Institute - "Vakna í Myrkri" Polar Institute 

Polar Institute stems from composer Rob Thorpe's response to traveling around South America and Antarctica by sea observing the ways in which humans destroy our world by trying to possess it. Inherently cinematic, these moving neo-classical songs were composed for a live soundtrack video series. "Vakna í Myrkri" is inspired by Icelandic composers which, after this album, seem very much his contemporaries.

Lou Rogai - "Implications in D Major, An Andagio for Chamber Strings"

If there was a piece that makes all the pleasure centers in my brain that light up it would be this stirring piece of music by Lou Rogai (Lewis & Clarke, Bats for Lashes collaborator). There are moments of sustained, weighted beauty when this quartet bows out mournful, yet wholly illuminated lines both in unison and interwoven around each players timbre rich perforance.  By far one of the most beautiful pieces I've heard this year. 

July 1st, 2018