Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 034

On this epside we explore the modular synth world of Ann Annie and Matthew Ryals, gorgeous neo-classical, heartbreaking new work by Midwife and Anders Broby, blistering free jazz and Kraut-influenced post-rock from Us, Today.

ann annie - "ocean breeze" cordillera (Self-Released)

It’s amazing that I am just finding out about this now. Modular synths tuned to a cloudless summer day watching sun refract off of incoming waves. Strong contender for album of the year from this Portland, OR “curator of landscapes”. Effortless beauty. AOTY?

matthew ryals - "smog song" machine memory (oxtail recordings)

It’s always great to hear new music from the Cleveland-based Matthew Ryals. Marrying Matthew’s pointillist beatscapes with an emotional center of wanting to be home when caught up in doing something supposedly fun, “The Smog Song” pushes through wearied vocals to ramp up into a 4x4 house banger by the end of the track.

silent vigils - "zwartewall" fieldem (home normal)

Silent Vigils is a collaboration between UK based James Murray and Belgium based Stijn Huwells on the fantastic Japanese label / distro Home Normal. Communications across the channel turn into meditations on mass violence that seemed to bookend the creation of this record. Perhaps shaped by events surrounding this recording, the album is a subdued, inward turning album that offers no answers but creates space to heal and reflect.

midwife - "rtd pt. iii" (self-released)

RTD (Ready to Die/Dance) was emblazoned on the wall at Denver’s D.I.Y venue/artist space Rhinoceropolis where Midwife’s Madeline Johnston lived before it was closed in a rash of politically motivated D.I.Y. space closings. “RTD” was a mantra on Midwife’s last record as she contemplated the full portent of that statement and a fitting reminder to embrace the transient now. Completing the trilogy is this stand-alone composition of aching and swelling drone that encapsulates the emotional core of facing down that choice.

stray theories - "all our tears" all that was lost (n5md)

A gorgeous, cinematic neo-classical tearjerker from the New Zealand based composer is startlingly assured in its build and release. Tensions ease with each gently plucked piano note. Small fires slowly dim and go out.

Glass House - "Collective Traumas" External Forces (Oxtail Recordings)

“Collective Traumas” is an ever building slow tidal wave of a track, origami-folding back on itself over the 7 minutes. The NYC/Philly duo push waves of distortion and compressed data through tiny earbud holes, this composition grows to until it breaches the seawall and takes everything with it.

Anders Brørby - "I Won't Be Around When You Really Need Me" Traumas (Forwind)

The Oslo Norway based composer has crafted a slowburn of a drone track that features windswept/tapefucked wordless vocals underneath a strong undercurrent of softened feedback that caresses as much as destroys. A perfect post-noise show comedown record perfect for driving through abandoned city streets.

space-saver "shoots and splatters" save yrslf (self-released)

A beautiful free-jazz, drum and sax duo palate-cleansing, reason-reducing blast-off into some impressive kinetic mind-meld. The Charlottesville, VA duo hold nothing back in this relatively short, but pummeling record that hits so hard in such short bursts.

us, today - "spellcaster (dr. spirit) computant (

The Cincinnati trio comprised of Kristen Agee (vibraphones, keys, electronics), Jeff Mellott (drums) and Joel Griggs (guitar) end the podcast with their dense, knotty cluster of kraut-sensibilities, brawny post-rock and avant-electronic shadings. The distortion on Agee’s vibes as the “Spellcaster” open are a portentous sign that classic rock arrangements are about to be turned on their head. A stellar release by a band on the brink of something big.

June 27th, 2018