Singles Cruise 06.20.18

Devon Welsh - "Vampires"

Former Majical Cloudz frontperson and Montreal resident Devon Welsh has crafted a beautiful ode to fading into a faded love. Plaintive and stark narratives of afternoons that seemed to last forever while stoned and in love. Delicate guitar, organ and even more gossamer production punctuate this gorgeous afterthought. 

Lychnis - "I Love Ashes" 

"I love Ashes" from the album Heaven's Night, is a sedated, slowcrawl through dream pop nocturnal, drugworn that place a languid bass line and voice as the tour guides through the back alleys of some surreal town seized upon by forces beyond our control. 

Fires Were Shot - "A Quiet and a Roaring"

The sound of roaring guitar lines crackling, dying and then decaying into embers of loose-input feedback. Sounds are memories of calloused index fingers scraping across nickel-wound strings. Fires Were Shot are a guitar duo from Austin, TX and their entwining guitar lines exist somewhere between desert prairie expanse and humid post-rain fog.

Mending - "the new house"

Channeling both Eluvium, Hem and Rainer Maria, the Chicago duo create a stirring piece for synth, piano and vocals that meditate on the nostalgia and hope in moving houses as a child. Drifting drones emerge from below the composition and settle into the rafters floating above Kate Adams' golden vocals. 


Nick Garcia - "Division Sequence"

"Divsion Sequence" is a gracious dip into a infinitely refracting world of arpeggiated synths and lunar-ascending, granular lines that cast an aural glow similar to the soft-warm light of a cock ready for takeoff. the D.C. producer has crafted something with restraint and real feeling. 

Byungkyu Lee - "Zero Gravity Tiger"

Stereo-panning, electro-acoustic sound-art piece corners and pins you against the floor. The South Korean sound-sculptor has created a highly tactile and Hi-def experiment in re-contextualizing natural sounds by highly abstracted and augmented precision sound creation. 

June 20th, 2018