Singles Cruise

Matte Sexwave - "Say No More" the sext4pe

The Cinci-based hyper-prolific songsmith creates swirling sex-positive smooth jams that culminate in a disorienting haze of auto-tune and synthesizers. Shades of pastels and purples create a gauzy filter over 21st century baby-making music. It's hard not to be impressed by Matte Sexwave's singular dedication to a vision and the ultimate distillation of an idea. 

Atlas//Anon - "Xtro" - Demos to Make Sad Love Too Alone

The UK producer’s title of their latest EP is “Demos to Make Sad Love Too Alone”. Parsing out the syntax of that title gets pretty wild, but the sentiment remains the same. Slinky, skittering nocturnal beats made up of drum machines and the augmented human voice create the track’s percussive center, but the emotional undertow assures that this is a nocturnal affair. A sense of unmitigated longing and powerlessness creeping in from the periphery. The reverse imaging of Matte Sexwave’s virility.

Hellas – "Dances" 

Mnemonic minimalism from Danish artists Peter Sabroe and Jeppe Hoi Justesen move from structured, kaleidoscopic composition to an unhinged takeoff towards the last ¾ of the song where percussion takes the lead and propels the track through the last few remaining layers of the atmosphere. It moves from Philip Glass to Popol Vuh in the blink of an eye.

Hanging Valleys – "The Weight" Forteleza

“The Weight”, off the UK duo’s EP Forteleza, is an arresting combination of shimmering guitars and falsetto harmonies. Fighting the tendency to drift off into shoegaze outer space / pure bliss, guitars here retain some dirt-under-the-nails distortion and resonance with their twinned, reverb-drenched melodies undergirding the track.

falsetto boy - "the old road"

Jim Fitzpatrick, who records stirring ambient music under the name Cup Collector, creates sturdy, plaintive folk music as Falsetto Boy. His songs walk well-trod paths to the emotional core of sensitive acoustic-led music in this vein. "The Old Road" does a better job than most in taking our hand and guiding us there. This sweet melancholia is a place we should all visit on a consistent basis. A chance to crack the door open on our sepia-toned memories just make sure they are still there and doing ok. Plus, the ambient guitar sounds were produced and recorded by Madeline Johnston (Midwife).

The Ophelias – “General Electric” Almost (Joyful Noise)

The Cincinnati-based quartet have created an incredibly strong opening salvo from their debut on Joyful Noise in July. Bright piano, staccato vocal lines and Grace Weir’s taught bass line hold back the tension of lyrics that sound like they should be spat through clenched teeth. Spencer Peppet’s cool-headed narration of a relationship defined by the whims of a socially dysfunctional partner seem to signify the position that many women find themselves in as holding the bulk of the emotional labor while still appearing bright, chipper and being what “you fantasize”.  "General Electric" being a source of seemingly endless power. “Almost” is out in July and is poised to be one the year’s strongest indie rock releases.

June 13th, 2018