Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 031

In this week's podcast we move from ambient/field recordings, into structured experimental/noise then straight into out noise-rock and then back into some more contemplative zones with two solo guitar artists. It's a lot to take in. But it's a three day weekend so, enjoy.

andrew tasselmyer - "The frozen valley in oregon ridge park" places real and imagined (polar seas recordings)

It's 91 degrees here in Cincinnati and this field recording of a frozen valley in Oregon Ridge Park is GIVING ME LIFE! It's hard to imagine, when it's this hot and humid for day after unrelenting day, that there are places that bristle and crack under frigid temperature. Tasselmyer - who is part of Hotel Neon and 1/2 of Grey Acres - plays extended icy drones that weave in and out of field recordings of a frozen valley. This mix of drone and field recordings work well when the the two sources become indistinguishable from one another. The object and the reaction becoming intwined in something bigger than itself.

halftribe - "swimming off that sombre shore" for the summer, or forever (dronarivm)

Halftribe - the UK based sound artist and ambient acolyte - has put out an album almost diametrically opposed to Andrew's recollections of winter. Instead, this is an album of immediate responses to summer nights after sweltering days that seem to last forever, where moisture particles seem suspended in midair and lakes are warm enough to swim in at night. Halftribe's surging, sweltering drones overlaid by hovering piano notes are testaments to those moments of summer that make unbearable days worth it. Out now on the excellent Russian label Dronarivm

celer - "was it okay for myself" something cathartic (polar seas recordings)

The through-line of Will Long's prolific output under Celer is perfectly embodied in the reflective, understated beauty of his latest collection of airy and spacious drones for Polar Seas. Warm, saturated tones filter in like thermal waves, bending and ascending as they enter new atmospheres. Being pushed by an ebullient breeze and patient coaxing.

absinthe father - "skin" good enough (self-released)

Absinthe Father is the solo project of Haley Butters of Columbus, OH. Good Enough is a sedated and serious collection of songs that, while aurally swimming in the same pool of lo-fi gauziness of early Grouper, Atariame and Drowse, bears down on similar subject matter of the latter with a sense of grace and detachment so as to blur the line between narrator and subject. In all that grey, sharp-witted and achingly sweet refrains cut through and leave marks. It's requisite headphone music.

Grant Evans - "Vessel (Arc)" Vessel (Null Zone Tapes)

Last time we checked in with Grant Evans it was with his excellent collaborative album with Frank Baugh (Sparkling Wide Pressure). Looking back, Crawf did an interview with Grant and Rachel (Motion Sickness of Time Travel) as part of their collaborative project Quiet Evenings where they blessed us with a "Smoker's Choice" mix of deep cut Three 6 Mafia, Goodie Mob, Eighball and M.J.G songs. For Grant's latest collection on Null Zone, he cuts a path through radio fog, sick radiators, knife-sharpening drones and computer speaker distortion to find the surprisingly sweet center to this track. A Basinski-ish drone imbuing and running its course through this track. 


The Hanoi, Vietnam experimental musician has an impressive back catalog that I am quite excited to pour through. On her latest for Pan y Rosas, Nguyen weaves in and out of processed electronics, contact mic manipulations, radio fluctuations, found sounds of forgotten and unnoticed places to create a world sound inhabited by ghosts and traces of past lives. It's unsettling, but also extremely peaceful and beautifully realized. Strong contender for sound-art piece of the year.  

MANAS - "II" live at (Null zone tapes)

It's always wondeful to hear Tashi Dorji captured in his element, especially when joined by such ace drummers such as Thom Nguyen. Recorded live in Macon, GA the B-side to this tape is Nguyen and Dorji really starting to ramp up their collaborative performance. Tashi detuning, modifying his guitar before jumping into full assault mode on the fretboard met by Thom's pummeling and expressive percussion work. 

stella - "firing squad" career suicide (scream culture)

With nods to classic No Wave, early 00's Skingraft subversion and Louisville post-punk, this Cincinnati trio has remerged with an enhanced and refocused electronics/keyboards noise section via Tony Squeri. Kevin Hall's acerbic guitar lines and vocals find richer communication with drummer Lauri Reponen, who's job seems to be holding the entire thing together before signaling a planned collapse into discordia and squalor. It's a military grade nail gun of an album, embodying Scream Culture's fuck-all economy.


The UK based Greening Lambourne and the Spain based Iyari are two artists cut from similar cloths. Both working with solo guitar record with a single loop pedal, both create canopies of soaring, eliding guitar lines with rich, loam-filled noise floors of percussive bass lines. What impresses me about both are their rich middles, full wispy fragments and transitory beauty. Highly recommend both tapes. 

Iyari - "Temps" Ostara (El Malmut Tracut)

May 25th, 2018