Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 030

Took a week off but we have a new Podcast! New tunes by Dustin Wong + Minekawa + Good Willsmith, Benoit Pioulard + ant'lrd, Chihei Hatakeyama, From the Mouth of the Sun, Mary Lattimore, Landing....So many good collaborations on this one! Serene drone to spaced-out shoegaze. 

dustin wong + takako minekawa + good willsmith - "The garden of earthly flanger" exit future heart (umor rex)

Opening a dream-come-true collaborative record between the fruitve duo work of Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa and the Chicago trio Good Willsmith, "The Garden of Earthly Flanger" is a perfect ease into an album full of huge twists and turns as each group seizes on different musical ideas and follows them down until they are traced back to the initial synapse firing. Which I assume sounds something like this record. BTW, if you haven't listened to Ponytail since 2009, shit still holds up. 

Benoit Pioulard & ant'lrd - "Docene" Deck Amber (Sounds et al)

Another pairing of musicians that seems too good to be true. The two PNW musicians whose music has circled each other in hazy chemtrails have finally formed one slipstream of shared creative output. "Docene" seems to gather both at their most streamlined and serene, both contributing drones and sustained tones that form eliding currents, bringing together each musicians best ambient tendencies when their output has the tendency to stray a bit from that source - Pioulards into hushed folk and ant'lrd into swirling, percussive synth sounds. This is off their double cassette "Deck Amber" out this June. 

Chihei Hatakeyama - "blue reminder" Scene (Constellation Tatsu)

At this point its hard to imagine Chihei Hatakeyama making anything less than perfect ambient record. For his latest on Constellation Tatsu the Japanese guitarist pours molten tone after molten tone on top of each other until something burnished and refined is formed. Suspended movement held forever. 

Endurance - "Menicus Opulens" Shade Terranium (Constellation Tatsu)

Another flawless diamond by the Canadian born, Japanese artist Joshua Stefane. While the tape itself dips into harsher and more percussive tones, "Menicus Opulens" matches "Blue Reminder" in pace and patient unfolding. The prolific artist has had more than a few great tapes come out in 2017-2018 and its easy to imagine he's just hitting his stride. 

Alex Crispin - "Rosewater" Open Submission (Constellation Tatsu)

As most nu-new age musicians, Alex Crispin is not married to his new age prodecessors aesthetics or closed loop comidifcation of spirituality. His compositions, especially on "Rosewater" are big-hearted works that utilze elements of ambient music and drone to create transportive set-pieces and aural soundscapes that don't require that you exit through the gift shop.

Mary Lattimore - "Never Saw Him Again" Hundreds of Days (Ghostly International)

In what will easily be one of the year's most lauded records, Hundreds of Days is peak Mary Lattimore. Using the harp as her primary musical and emotional vehicle, Lattimore creates worlds within worlds of sound that resemble the resonant rich language of something infinite and pure. Written while a part of an artist reatreat, Lattimore describes her time there as a "nostalgia detox". A deep cleansing and rooting in the present and future, viewing the past as a teacher, not a roomate. *Note to self.*

From the Mouth of the Sun - "About the Death of Stars" Sleep Stations (Lost Tribe Sound)

Continuing on this theme of ace collaborations, Dag Rosenqvist & Aaron Martin's project From the Mouth of the Sun continue to push the duo's string and piano compositions into places filled with ubending grace with gradual shades of foreboding. It's an album to spend a few days getting lost in and establishes the two musicians as absolute masters of their trade. 

Jacksen Elswyth - "Rye Whiskey" Betwixt & Between 1 (Betwixt & Between)

Jacksen Elswyth, a UK-based musician presents the first of his Betwixt and Between series wherein Elswyth interpets traditional American folk songs. Elsewhere on this tape Elswyth is joined by improvisers Laurel Uziell and David Grundy for a rich session of lo-fi electronics and acoustic resonance.

Landing - "By Two" Bells in New Towns (El Paraiso Records)

It's so nice to hear new music from the legendary space-rock, shoegaze band Landing. Not ones to rest on their laurels, the New Haven, Conneticut trio are putting out some of their most vital music after being a band for 20 years this year. These are full-throated songs that seem to have been recorded with the intuitive ear for melody and carefully balanced tone that comes after long-term commitments and settled space-sharing. Lush and spacious, Landing pull out a late-game stunner.

Carriers - "Daily Battle" Peace of Mine/Daily Battle Cassette (Old Flame Records)

Dualism is a lie that we were supposed to have transcended at this point. The mind/body, god/man seperation that throws gulfs between our existence and our purpose takes incredible effort to acknowledge and the exact opposite to begin to mend. This "Daily Battle" seems to be at the heart of this B-Side to the Carriers' debut cassette on Old Flame. The Cincinnati group (with, for recording purposes, include members of the Afghan Whigs and The National) hit somewhere between Laurel Canyon earnest psych-rock filtered through ambience and ether-reality of a shoegaze quintet hitting their stride. Expect to hear about this band. 

May 18th, 2018