Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 028

Featuring tracks off of Grouper's almost-too-beautiful Grid of Points, Naps/Lung Cycles tour tape, soaring shoegaze from ANMLPLNT, newcomer Only Swallow, Swedish duo Luton, percussionist wünder-human Dane Rousay and Dayton, OH percussion duo Neutrals.

grouper - "driving" Grid of points (kranky)

What actually needs to be said about Liz Harris's new album Grid of Points? Continuing Ruins' aching piano ballads ringing notes out into the thick aural fog that permeates every Grouper track, "Driving" offers a poignancy that seems universal even while mourning a very specific loss. Essential music for being a human/existing.

naps / lung cycles "First" / "Rvc" split cassette (lily tapes and discs)

I was lucky enough to catch Philadelphia, PA artist Jason Calhoun (naps) and Rochester, NY based Benjamin Lovell (Lung Cycles) on a recent tour. Both artists inhabit a world of floating, sustained drones that change hue and shade as they gradually unfold. Both artists retain their unique musical identities throughout their releases with naps falling into worlds of pointilist modulation and Lung Cycles often employing tape loops, voice and guitar to obscure a tender voice and song. 

anmlplnet "ride" fall asleep (ba da bing!)

On "Ride", the musical duo of SLOTHRUST's Leah Wellbaum and drummer/singer Mickey Vershbow blow the whole song wide-open 3/4 of the way through the song with a roaring swoop of shoegazing guitars atop Vershbow's full-kit pounding into a fist-pumping anthem of getting one's shit together. One of my favorite 2018 musical moments and a major highlight of an album of endless peaks.

only swallow "i can hear you through the walls" stars die, people die (aurawire)

Mysterious swath of synth-bliss from Exeter, UK. Wonderful build up from synthetic wavescapes to ever-ascending arpeggiated star road. Moar plz?

luton "södermalm phantom cab" black box animals (lost tribe sound)

The Italian duo currently residing in Sweden have cast a wide net on their new album. Black Box Animals engulfs whole swaths electronic processing, sweeping strings, woodwinds that evoke moods ranging from tension to wonder. Shadows shift within and between songs, stalking the borderlands of the world as it is and an imagining of the world as it could be. Top notch stuff as always from Lost Tribe Sound.

dane rousay "definitive attributes" divide (already dead)

I always look forward to new work from the San Antonio based percussionist. Able to balance exploration into the seemingly endless sound profile of a drum kit with a keen sense of tension-building and release, Dane is an artist I look forward to seeing continue to stake out new collaborative works while still releasing boundary-pushing solo work. 

neutrals "cleveland" 0318 (alien passengers)

The Dayton, OH percussion duo of Evan Miler and Andrew Seivert have the uncanny ability to pull in sound from seemingly every surface and resonating body. Nothing seems out of place when everything is sound. The duo create improvised works out of studied composition that draw in electronics, percussion, vibraphone and found objects to create a sound bath that is difficult to get out of once you've settled in and made yourself comfortable. 

April 29th, 2018