Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 027

headband - "jinx in space" magnetic earth (unifactor)

Magnetic Earth is composed, supposedly, as a space odyssey. Listening beyond the laser-gun zaps and phasers set to stun, Jinx in Space is upheld by a crystalline drone that sounds sub-atomic, like the sound of some kind yet-to-be-mined of alien-crystals forming and communicating to one another. Duncan Moore has created a fascinating tape here that seems to welcome our attachment to foley sound effects that shape how we view space travel.

mshr - "laughter construction" phased trance constructions (unifactor)

Birch Cooper and Breanna Murphy create multi-sensory experiences that "meshes digital sculpture, analog circuitry and ceremonial performance." The duo creates their own synthesizers and work with "3d modeling programs to design virtual reality spaces, embedded with generative computer music systems."

christian mirande - "tohickon" property line / plunge pool (unifactor) 

Christian Mirande's "Tohickon" is a wonderfully placid dip into a bit of fragmentary ambience that sounds as if it was scrawled with wet fingers onto a hot pool deck. It fades as soon as it makes an impression, creating transitory streaks that slowly change their elemental make up as it evaporates.

marta smilga - "mare orientale" lunar maria, vol 1 (crash symbols)

Marta SmiLga is a Latvian experimental musician and creator of synthesizers. On Lunar Maria, Marta's exploratory ambient-synth passages focus on those dark lunar shadows that were once thought of as seas. Likewise, her synth work delves deep into inaccessible crevices and shadows, conjuring dark and otherworldly sounds and tones. It's an impressive collection of deep and mysterious compositions.

i am just a pupil "conspiracy" the white album (crash symbols)

Intentionally hilarious and rowdy, this album will never get old for me. On "Conspiracy" i am just a pupil mines some of Alex Jones' "lighter" moments where the reliable Trump news source host slips out of his on-the-brink of aneurysm mode to share with us some really great news. It's on like Donkey Kong. 

house of blondes - "modern clock" time trip (alrealon musique)

Locked in step with an internal clock that syncs to Casper Noe's "Enter the Void", the NYC minimal techno quartet create lock-step grooves built upon the linear progression and manipulation of time. It's heady and visceral. 

S oliwa "limits" lost memories (geology records)

I was really excited to see this pairing of the Argentina-based ambient artist and the Milwaukee record label, Geology. If you are familiar with both of these parties you have some sense of what you are in for. Intense emotional content of nameless joy and ennui packaged to be an object of great internal value. S Oliwa soft arpeggios and prismatic drones are on full, hi-res display here, transforming the most mundane activities into soundtracked golden moments.

Fritz Pape "B (excerpt)" Drone Marathon #1 (Futurerecordings)

In March 2018 Cincinnati's Fritz Pape dedicated himself to completing a 5 hour "Drone Marathon" at a local bar that inexplicably lets things like this go on (big ups to Urban Artifact and their sour beers). The result is a shimmering, all-encompassing eddy of sound; gentle gentle cycles and long, arcing melodies processed through a coffin-sized case of pedals. For all of the processing and stretching of tones, clear piano notes ring through rooting these compositions in corporeal states of being. Like being acutely aware of the dirty linoleum floor you are lying on in hour 3 1/2 of a 5 hour composition. 

April 22nd, 2018