Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 025

This podcast makes a pretty large stylistic shift about halfway through. See if you can catch it. Some real ambient bangers on here. Enjoy!

félicia atkinson - "abiquiu" coyotes (geographic north)

A new release by Félicia Atkinson is always something to get excited about. Coyotes is a reflection on her time while traveling through New Mexico. It's a piece of music designed to be accompany both a physical or mental journey through the blazing sun-baked ruins of an inland sea and freezing cold nights. Quilting a transporting passages composed of piano, MIDI synth, various percussive instruments and Atkinson's intimate spoken word poetry, Coyotes is to see the Southwest's topography through a stranger's eyes.

sij - "the end" the krustallos shrine (live) (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ)

To really dig into the immense beauty of this album I suggest listening to the 30 minute live version of this. It's a bit long for a podcast but worth every minute of your time. The latest in the "shrine" collection released on the St. Petersburg Russia label run by Tim Six aka Creation VI. It's a gorgeous, ebullient thing. Full of organic, elemental sounds and long, curling drones that sustain themselves for eternity.

hakobune - "leaves unseen" obelisk (polar seas)

Hakobune is another artist who I get very excited about whenever I see they have a new album out. The Japanese guitarist crafts slow moving vessels of sound. Immense, yet inexplicably weightless. Carried in multiple fragments of sound until the whole thing becomes a flowing, endless current.

forest management - "untitled 6" biqui (no rent)

Biqui is a gorgeous collection of deconstructed piano pieces that sound like they were played and recorded in a hollowed out cistern. Reverberation from notes hang in the air as their ghostly doubled selves for ages, creating trails of ellipses through the rest of the composition. A beautiful, understated addition to John Daniel's canon. 


free country - "ego death" songs w/ strings (closed eyes)

This song gets me right in the feels organs. A perfect snapshot of those irrational thoughts we have that sneak up on us unexpectedly. Faustian bargains that tell us that one fleeting encounter with our dead would make up for a lifetime of careful neglect.  It's a haymaker, for sure, in an album full of songs that pack an emotional wallop. Undersung singer-songwriter straddling recalling traces of Jeff Hanson and Jim O'Rourke. You should know about this.

zapruder point - "the sprint" stars + specks (self-released)

Cincinnati-based singer-songwriter, Zapruder Point is the solo outing of Dan Zapruder Phillips. Armed with a guitar and a voice that quivers somewhere between Jason Molina and Howe Gelb, "The Sprint" sees the narrator on a cross-state drive with their son to college recalling a fateful event that projects the astral terror and sweet rewards of parenthood to a dangerous degree of emotional exactitude. 

salm - "sulphur and salt water" perched in a sycamore, hurry and come down (rat tail tapes)

While I almost exclusively associate Dane Rousay with some of the most out free-jazz and experimental music I've had the pleasure to come across, to be totally honest I'm super into this emo band Dane released on his label Rat Tail Tapes. Striking somewhere between the shamefully overlooked classic album Hotel of Lost Light by Some Ember and a countryfied Snowing, Salm is a spiritual manifestation of unmitigated yearning with, what's likely, a graduate degree in Theology. 

the midnight vein - "thieves of youth and love" the midnight vein (self-released)

If you live in Western, NY and have a cool $30 in your bank account you can order this tape and have John Toohill aka The Midnight Vein come to your house, deliver the tape and throw a party. Granted, this could be John getting drunk and playing his favorite records. But chances are there would be some gems in there judging from this tape.  Some Nuggets-era psych, some Tim Buckley maudlin, jazzy romps, some Sentridoh lo-fi hooks. You can have all of that and more, however, by spending $5 on the cassette.  It's all in there, party sold separately. 

April 9th, 2018