Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 024

On this episode of Tome to the Weather Machine we put the new batches of tapes by Umor Rex and Field Hymns under the microscope. Plus some unexpected treats like some super dark/ritual ambience from Greece, noise/drone from Berlin and some homegrown, Cinci beat tape wizardry. It's lit!

byron westbrook - "drifting well / perception depth" confluence patterns (umor rex)

Kicking off this excellent batch of tapes from the Mexico City label is Brooklyn, NYC sound artist Byron Westbrook. A lapping, building surge and drone culminates and build into what Umor Rex accurately describes as a "Tony Conrad meets Black Sabbath" eternal riffing into the void. 


Nathaniel Young (Blankstairs co-founder) creates a dub album that mixes submerged, noise-scraping beats that sound like they are pulsing from well beneath the sub-basement with high-end frequencies that sound crystal clear. It's a study in contrasts that make this album a wholly unique entry into the world of cold-af dub.

logardecay "things to forget" frgl (umor rex)

Leslie García and Paloma Lopéz of Mexico City craft these compositions that exist somewhere between the intersections of ambient, drone and lo-fi techno by a series of highly experimental techniques including bioelectrical transmissions and custom-made hardware. It's a disorienting, meander through worlds of sounds that are completely unique to the duo. 

rafael anton irisarri - "vasatan" sirimiri (umor rex)

In a beautiful follow up to his 2017 release The Shameless Years also on Umor Rex, Rafael Anton Irisarri delves deep into the format. The analog process informing both the format - Sirimiri can be listened to as a 72 minute piece joined by automatic repetition - as well as the overall sound. The album starts with machinery waking up, spooling life into a tiny ribbon totally saturated with stirring drones and sun-lit ambient passages. 

Illumine - "Be Wise, Take Care (Benoit pioulard" #2 Reworks (Dauw Records)

For this rework of Illumine's song from their acclaimed album #2, the Seattle-based artist reimagines "Be Wise, Take Care" into something wholly his own. The gliding drones are sunbleached and warbled - an audio stamp from his Kranky record Sonnet - while sounding inviting and warm. A few minutes you could spend a couple of days in. 

Seth Graham - "Whisper Slap" Gasp (Orange Milk)

Pulling the rug right out from under you while you were in some kind of blissful drone-coma is the first single from one of the most anticipated and highly acclaimed albums of 2018. The Orange Milk co-founder and Dayton, OH native, Seth Graham's latest, is an album bristling with so many ideas. Classical music composed as a Jackson Pollock painting. Split seconds of innocence and beauty, 30 minutes under the sway of a complete and whole vision. This is the future of music. 

Larry Wish - "Never (Star Track)" How More Can You Need (Field Hymns)

"The robot that makes the music for the claymation children's public access shows since the 1970's is pondering its future and slowly going mad." Starting off this Field Hymns triptych that sounds like it could function as one long form composition is Larry Wish the prolific Minneapolis native who's context-heavy songs are whimsical as they are frighteningly specific to the label description in the first sentence.

lips and ribs - "weep for me" battle in nagoya (field hymns)

An 8-bit blitz through last-boss intense battle music. Sugary synths pulse like they are running straight into your vein. Keep it below 200 BPM and this bus explodes.

oxykitten "boss dog" gleeking the cube (field hymns)

Ending this vintage synth madness is "Boss Dog" by Porltand based Oxykitten. There's a lot to love here. We will start with the album's opener "Battle Choads" and end on the fact that it sounds like a self-aware Casio trying its hand at scoring a caper-heavy 70's police procedural in which one the buddy cop characters is actually just a clump of dark matter that opens wormholes into dimensions in which cats have gained the evolutional advantage. It's lit.

obliferous - "y e l l o w t r a f f i c - light" softboy ep (self-released)

The Cinci noise/hip-hop/experimental producer's latest beat tape is a narcotic nighttime drive through a city with no lights on. Understated beats with healthy amounts of drones that teeter on that knife edge of too much distortion to keep the album's emotional trajectory towards the destination of unending ache. Really excited to see where Obliferous continues to take us. 

Martyria "Nyx" Martyria (Malignant Records)

OG drone music. As in Byzantine, monastic OG music from Martyria, a Greek dark-ambient duo who's output is steeped in holiness and the occult. Feels somehow appropriate to be writing this on Easter. That sacred but mysterious pagan/Christian holiday.

Body Fool - "frk2" Stranger in a Body (Self-Released)

Berlin-based Body Fool is a powerful purveyor of darkly seductive downtempo electronic music that pulls and scrapes itself along corridors adjacent to drone and ambient music. Similar to the Logardecay record, it creates worlds that cannot be inhabited. They exist in fragmentary bursts and then fade into the mist. Album artwork by Agata Cardoso.

April 3rd, 2018