Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 023

On this podcast we move from haunting electronic music, to classic and contemporary avant-garde that encompasses free jazz percussion, conceptual sound art and soundscapes, to Zazz's highly moving new work. We end on a somber, yet hopeful note, with Charlie Morrow's 1970 Requiem for the Victims of Kent State - echoing our own cycle of mourning for senseless gun violence.

entrancer - "cntrl_02+cantstandstill(screwd)" process ~ 2016-2018 (obsolete future)

Denver recently lost a leading light and creative power house in the bodily form of Colin Ward. Colin's multiple projects (alpahbets, Killd By) and his vociferous output of unending quality content was Ryan McRyhew's inspiration for releasing Process. Process is a data dump of "fragments, single takes and live recordings" destined for purging on McRyhew's hard drive, but inspired by and as a testament to Colin's constant creative energy, Entrancer comprised these tracks into a mixtapes of sorts and released them into the world. We are glad he did.

ross khmil - "market of rats" ocean plaza tunnels (lovecrypt)

Recorded after exploring (and arrested for) the tunnels beneath the Ocean Plaza mall in Kiev, Ukraine where the hyper-prolific musician lives, Ross Khmil provides a soundtrack for that experience in recollection. Lo-fi beat riding and vocal samples take us through a labyrinth of never ending beige hallways and fluorescent lighting. Released on the amazing Shanghai, China label Lovecrypt.


The former SLC-now-Portland experimental artist uses multiple VCRs as the hardware to craft expressionistic aural pop-art that draw upon cult films and pop-icons to let a world of pure Id run amok in some kind of Who Framed Roger Rabbit parallel universe. It's a lot to take in but Joe Greathouse has been honing his craft for years.

charlie morrow - "wave music iv - drums and bugles (1980)" toot! too (recital)

"Recital presents the first vinyl LP by composer/event-maker Charlie Morrow. Toot! Too culls performance recordings from 1970 to 2014. It focuses on his "Wave Music" series, which are compositions based around swarms of like-instruments; i.e. sixty clarinets, conch choruses, and army of drums and bugle horns, etc. The 1978 piece, "100 Musicians With Lights", was performed at dusk in Central Park. One hundred players (brass, reeds, percussion) congregate and march in spiral formations, playing their instrument with penlights attached to them. The piece dissipates and ends as each player marches through the park to their respective homes." Masterful collection and excellent starting point for this towering conceptual genius.

dane rousay and john kennedy - "please don't" audit (congruence)

Dual percussion attack by San Antionio percussionist Dane Rousay and unfuckinggoogleable percussionist John Kennedy create a quiet maelstrom of unconventional time signaling everything-all-at-once sound decadence that coax out golden resonance from many a repurposed artifact. A rising force in the free-jazz/experimental world, Dane Rousay continues to push their craft into new realms of creative freedom. 

similar fashion - "we watched the car sink into the puddle" portrait of (similar fashion)

Multi-instrumentalist Logan Hone leads a team of "avant-rollercoaster-jazz-n-roll" shredders into dizzying highs with nary a terrifying drop or sugar-crash in sight. I'm usually not a fan of parenthesis laden nonsense descriptors but this one is frighteningly accurate. Produced by John Dieterich (are you surprised?) Similar Fashion combines levity with reckless application of finely schooled talent. It goes hard.

kate carr - "I ended out moving to brixton (exceprt)" i ended out moving to brixton (flaming pines)

From Kate: "My work has always begun with the soundscape, and Brixton offers a remarkable one. From outdoor markets, bicycle sound systems, shop stereos and buskers to booming car hi fi systems, sirens, car washes and people simply talking and taking up space on the streets, Brixton is a noisy place. It was through listening to Brixton that I also came to hear voices being raised about how much this area had changed, about rising rents and neglected public housing, about how many people who grew up or used to have businesses here can no longer afford to stay....A soundscape reveals a lot about a place, through its presences, its silences, its rhythms and its pauses. A soundscape is forever being made by us all. It stitches us together in ways both subtle and sometimes overwhelming. I think in both its openness and fragility the soundscape can reveal something about the process of community making, and its sensitivity to change offers both opportunities and risks."

zazz - "forever is a distance" soft harbinger (inner islands)

Zazz is the incredibly fruitful collaboration between braeyden jae and ang wilson (1/2 of Electric Sound Bath). I knew that this was going to be good, I wasn't prepared for it being this good. Drawing on William Baskinski in the discreet push and pull and drawing on elements of modern classical artists like Johann Johannsson (who themselves dabble in minimalism and artifact decay) to inform its linear emotional trajectory, Soft Harbinger is bright, moving, sad and fully immersive. Get it. 

charlie morrow - "requiem for the victims of kent state (1970)"

Lastly we end on this requiem by Charlie Morrow for the victims of Kent State. Another form of gun violence, but still perpetrated at the hands of fascist-fetishizing cowards. It's a bleak world. But the events of this weekend gave me glimpses of hope for our future.

March 25th, 2018